What Kind Of AR Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

Go ahead click the link

Alright, I did. What now? I have ad-blockers and tracker-blockers active in my browser, so if that was a SPAM site, it wasn't a good enough one to get through my defenses. You can say, like bofh did in the thread where that was posted, that the article is stupid, even say the whole site is stupid, but it sure as heck does nothing to substantiate your claim that the user-name known as "Rick Smith" is a spambot. Nor does it substantiate your condescending tripe about that "awkward moment" you fantasized I should be having.

I'm breathing just fine, thanks, and I read just fine too, which leads me to conclude that you're just pot-stirring. Now go back to sleep.


I just purchased Ruger AR-556 last Thursday.I haven't fired it or made any Mods to it.
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I've owned a Ruger AR-556 for about 6 months, shot it a bunch, love it. Runs great, and it is still stock, except for the addition of a sling.

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