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  • Blues, is there any way we can get more hits on the video? I don't know, that's why I'm asking...
    The Stentorian: Second Amendment Site

    Aside from JPFO, this older site has a good bit of stuff I use on all my mail. Just FYI.

    TuneIn: Listen to Online Radio, Music and Talk Stations

    Rocky Mountain Calvary

    You have mentioned liking the way I present my faith and I wanted to give you these links because this is where I learned it.

    I attend a church called Rocky Mountain Calvary. Calvary Chapel is a non denominational fellowship of churches that believe the best way to understand God’s word is to teach through the Bible a line at a time.

    Rocky Mountain Calvary does a daily broadcast on a local station 100.7 KGFT at 0230 & 1430 MST.

    the first link is directly to the radio station the second is to radio which also carries the station and the broadcast at the same times and the third is directly to RMC which offers their teachings as direct free downloads and pod casts

    If you are interested give them a listen.
    Yeah, love Derek like a little brother. Here's a vid from 1992 with 13 year old Derek sitting in with the Brothers for the first time at Lakewood Amphitheater in Atlanta. It's not my video, but I was there. (Music starts about 2:15 in)

    Don't know how closely you've followed Brothers-related careers, but check out Derek's wife, Susan Tedeschi, if you're into killer female blues singers. She plays a better'n fair guitar too.

    Have A Good'un,
    No youtube vids. We've never posted anything. As an Allman Bros fan you gota love Dereck Trucks. That guy is about the best slide player I've ever heard. Funny, I was just complaining to my wife about restrictions on business and the subject of Gibson and woods came up. You can see the difference the woods make. My martin D18 was bought in 1976. The newer Martins just don't sound the same and you don't feel that resonance against your body like the old woods.
    SRV is among my favorites. A group of us play Friday nights at various blues clubs around southern NY (The Ryland James Band). We cover "Cold Shot," "Stormy Monday" (in Ab as he played it with Albert king) and "Scuttle Buttin" in the first set. The other sets are laced with Clapton, Cream, Zep, John Mayall, AC/DC, etc. Stevie played open E tuning a lot of the time so it's hard to bounce in and out of his songs. After 40 years of playing I'm still learning. My teacher and bandmate is a former guitar tech for Jeff Beck. He plays a beat up Telecaster that was owned by Beck some years ago. It's signed so no one's allowed to touch it.

    I play a few different guitars but my favorites are my custom strat, a Les Paul I've had since the 70's and a Martin D18. I'm currently playing through a Marshall MA100C (100 watt valve amp w/two-twelves).

    I've been wondering about your user ID. A blues stringer is sometimes someone who plays the blues. Are you by any chance a blues guitarist? Playing the blues is among my favorite things in the world.

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