What Kind Of AR Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

here is my CMMG M4 1/9 5.56/.223 CMMG quad rail, vert grip od green, laser & light combo w/ pressure pads. more mods to come.



My 2 LWRC Piston AR-15's. A standard M-6, and a Paul Howe CSAT Edition. Bill T.
Just received my first personal AR today...am a big fan of the AK platform and have a number of them so had not possessed an AR type since I left the army in '71.

Got a CMMG M4 with chrome 1/7 and can't wait to get it out and shooting tomorrow. I bought one of their "bargain bin" guns, but all I can find that might be even a blemish is a very small chip in the side of the trigger housing...

I'll try to figure out posting pics tomorrow...never bothered before.
Smith & Wesson 15T. Tapco grip, UTG riser, NCStar 4X illuminated scope, Troy battle sights, folding vert foregrip (don't remember who makes it). Super accurate. Makes an average shooter like me look good! :biggrin:

my AR!

Just picked up an optics ready Smith & Wesson M&P 15. Picked up a Bushnell Red Dot normally priced @ $119 for $70. It came with one Magpul mag. Other than that she's pretty stock. Haven't had time to go to the range yet. Very happy with it so far.
Here's a few of mine............

On the left is a Eagle Arms lower with a RRA lower parts kit that was worked by Bill Springfield to a single stage 4lb trigger break. Milspec buffer tube with a standard carbine buffer & spring, VTLOR single point sling plate, Ergo grip, Magpul MOE stock, FN M4 upper, Bushmaster 16" M4 1/9 chrome lined barrel w/A2 flash hider, Colt FA bolt carrier assembly, Daniel Defense free float rail, Surefire G2 light mounted, PRI gas tube W/flip front sight, Matech rear buis, RRA one piece scope mount w/Lepould Mark AR 1.5-4X20 scope with a German #4 reticle.

On the right is a RRA lower with a CMT lower parts kit, Colt milspec buffer tube with a H2 buffer and standard carbine spring, VTLOR single point sling plate, Magpul (made by ergo) grip, Magpul MOE stock & Hand guard, CMT M4 upper, CMMG 11.5" Government profile 1/7 chrome lined barrel w/A2 flash hider, LMT FA bolt carrier assembly, Magpul MOE forearm, Arms 40 BUIS, Aimpoint ML2 in an ARMS 22m68 W/cantilever mount.


The Mrs AR is a RRA Lower with a RRA lower parts kit, RRA upper with a 16" Bushmaster lite weight 1/9 chrome lined barrel w/A2 flash hider, Colt FA bolt carrier assembly, RRA commercial buffer tube with standard buffer and spring, Hogue grip, the picture shows a surefire rail but that's been changed over to a MOE hand guard, Arms 40 BUIS & ML2 aimpoint in a 22m68 cantilever mount.

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AR-15 configurations

I have the following configuration for my new S&W M&P15T:

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I am trying to decide if I should go with ACOG or holographic to keep it simple:

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But when I go hunting, I want it to look like this:

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My Bushmaster/Armalite mid-length carbine AR-15 in the hands of the family jack rabbit expert killer.

He first shot it when he was 10 and started trying to steal it from me since he was 11. Unlike my (formerly) Ruger 10-22 and Mark I, he so far has been unsuccessful.

2008 Summer Desert Trip, Nevada:

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Colt LE6920

I looked at building one and complete models and for my first one I picked the Colt LE6920. Very accurate and I am very pleased. I also picked an Aimpoint PRO and now looking for a scope, maybe a Leupold Mark AR.
Don't have a pic but will offer the company version.
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Here they are...

Colt Pre-ban A2 w/ Magpul MOE furniture in Dark Earth...

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Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 for practice with lower incurred cost...

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Link RemovedLink RemovedSo here is a pick of my AR, Bushmaster M4 profile 14.5" bbl. Hand built from all Bushmaster parts from the catalog. I have over 3000+ rnds through it, with i think maybe 10 malfunctions total. Although I have changed the single point sling to a Magpul sling with the asap plate. My VFG has also been changed to a non-bi-pod VFG.
Stag arms model 3 diamondhead versa rail, vltor buttstock, miad grip, ncstar optic (cheap) bcm charging handle, magpul mags. Having cerakoted soon and will install stag 3g compensator before cerakote.

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