Tight Ammo Supply

Check your local backpage.com under sporting goods for guns and ammo.

How much should I sell my box of .380 CorBon +p for???? ( I sold the Walther PPK along time ago and just have the ammo sitting around):meeting:

neighbor was at the hair dressers and while there the hairdressers husband called hes a trucker on his way back home from the south she asked him if he got the ammo yet he told her he was bring home a load he picked up some cases of ammo somewhere down there dont know if hes selling some or keeping it all for himself.
Cabelas had .380 UMC online for most of Saturday and half of Sunday. I ordered 500 rounds. I don't know when we'll see that agin tho. I'll sit on 200 rounds but this Saturday I'm going to remember how to shoot my 380.:laugh:
The other night, I dropped by Wally World and found two boxes of .357 Sig for $23 each. Not bad. But that was it. No 9mm, .45 or .40 SW.

I later found quite a bit of 9mm at my local Bass Pro - the good stuff - Hornaday Critical Defense, Remington Gold Dot +P, Winchester, etc. No range stuff, but lots of hollow points. Didn't see any .40 SW or .45 ammo, but there was a butt load of .22 and shotgun available.

The gun counters were stocked pretty good too, but most of the FNH pistols were gone. They had quite a few S&Ws, Springfields and Sigs. A dozen or more Glocks too! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.:triniti:
It's been a few weeks since I've seen any 9mm or .40. Today between two Wallys all they had was .25, .32, 44 mag and 45 long colt. I got a couple boxes of .380 a few weeks back, good stuff not range, but I was down to a couple magazines worth so I would take anything I could get.
I was at the local Walmart today and they were out of everything except a few boxes of 22-250 and some of some skeet loads for shotguns. Pretty sad. They posted a sign last week showing which ammo is in stock.
What I've learned is this: Wally World sucks for ammo. It's hit or miss, mostly miss.

I've had MUCH better luck at area gun shops and outdoor/sports stores.

Don't waste your time at Wal-Mart. :dirol:
The "mall ninja" types are the ones who act as if they know what they're doing, have a bunch of gear that they don't know how to use, and end getting into trouble instead of getting others out of it. Being prepared with your ammo is far from "mall ninja" behavior. Unless you're gonna tell us how it is "in combat", but you've never been in combat. :haha:


what the hell is a mall ninja?

i know some sheriff deputys that work at the greenville mall part time for extra cash.

are they considered mall ninjas?
I was at the local Bass pro today...

Ammo selection was not up to par and the prices were what one would expect of your average jewelery store. On the plus side, I'm glad I have slowly stocked up over the years and I'm also glad that more Americans are exercising their 2A rights. I hope the latter scares the hell outta the liberals and I hope they get the message that the constitution is for every last one of us and not just when it is convenient.

No common hand gun or rifle ammo on any shelves for more then a few hours here in Vegas...

I was at the gun show last weekend, first guy in line and it was the first gun show I have been to in my life that had NO AMMO...

guy in line behind me beat me to a table selling powder, I bought all the primers from the same guy... that was it for reloading supplies as well...
By putting everything that I wanted on a Cabelas web site 'wish list' and checking it for 30 seconds every morning, I was eventually able to fill up my boxes. I'm done now. Next guys turn. :sarcastic:
But really, everything turns up for a half day sooner or later. Just keep watching the big web site.
I put 50 rounds of FMJ thru my .380 today. Now my finger trigger is raw. It was a beautiful day in the Great Mohave and I had a lot of fun.
Ammo Scarce: Americans Prep For Gun Bans, Chaos, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, Economic Collapse...

YouTube - Ammo Scarce: Americans Prep For Gun Bans, Chaos, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, Economic Collapse

Interesting, Thanks Bohemian... The weather is starting to break around here and I was hoping to get outside and poke holes in paper this weekend, If I can find some ammo around here... The supply Has been thin to say the least.

:offtopic: Since BMHO got that darn fuzzy dog and named him bo, I have to use your full name now. That BMHO just does not have respect for you did he? :biggrin:
The ammo shortage has hit full stride in CNY now also. No 9mm target ammo and almost no 9mm SD ammo or even .22 ammo at WalMart, Dicks Sporting Goods or Bass Pro.
After nothing for over six weeks, stopped by the Wal-Mart this morning and bought 8 50-rd .40S&W ball and 2 100-rd .380 ball. I left a couple .40 and 3 .380 boxes on the shelf, because I'm a nice guy who doesn't hoard ALL the ammo!
I know that as far as prices going up on ammo, that all the companys that sell the brass for our safety bullet couldn't suppy for months! This is a real concern for us because we will only buy the brass for our product in the US so as to assure quailty. I'm not sure what the hold up is besides a hugh demand for the brass at this time. Maybe it has something to do with the new administration in the white house. hummmm
I also know that our primer we use, which is a CC100, (a very low powered primer) is extreamly hard to find at this time.
Just picked up a 50 round box of Remington 125 grain FMJ .357 Sig at the local Bass Pro in Broken Arrow, OK. No 9mm or .45 of any kind. Nothing.

There was quite a bit of .22, various rifle rounds and shotgun ammo. Good supply of reloading supplies.

Bought my wife a FNH-9 and myself a Kahr CW-45 a few weeks ago. Looking forward to getting those babies broken in.:crazy_pilot:

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