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Welcome vietvet50, reflex, buckwoods, and jeckel from Texas.


Welcome to Vietvet50, Reflex, Buckwoods, and Jeckel, from Florida.
Hello and a great big howdy to all. I live in Eastern KY. I'm a 2nd Amendment absolutist. An Air Force Vietnam Vet, who takes our Constitutional freedoms and liberties very, very seriously. To all who have served, are now serving, in our nation's Armed Forces, I salute and thank you. God Bless and protect our Warriors.

I am Chuck Willard, NRA member and CPL holder from the suburbs of Motown!

Professional musician in a 15 piece swing band, always carry.

Glad to have found this site.
Hello all, rookie here from the great northwest in spokane washington. Im a life long shooter of rifles and just recently started shooting pistols and am in the process of obtaining my concealed carry permit. I am a proud member of the nra and believe there is no greater responsibility than the protection of family,friends and country by means of our 2nd amendment. This site seems like a great place to voice your opinion and have your voice herd on things that really mater. I look forward to conversing with you all. thanks Denis
My First Gun!

Well here I am waiting for my permit from my state but i did just buy my first weapon and love it I would like to say Hello to everyone and hope to learn alot from all my nre firends!!
OK, Welcome to the site. Now, what did you buy, and where are the pictures?:sarcastic::biggrin:
Hi, Sandshill03! We've got a couple of members from the Spokane area.
Hi; I'm a Red Neck from East Texas. I collect WW2, and earlier. I' ve been been here sinse before WW2. Radom, luger, P38, Nambu, Mauser and any other information you might share. Thanks S.D. Head :pleasantry::to_pick_ones_nose:
Welcome, n2trophies. I love old firearms also. I have a few M1 Garands, M1's, 03A3, a nice P35 Radom and a few others. We're glad to have you aboard...
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