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Hello all, new member from Massachusetts. Waiting for my LTC, but I'll be hitting everyone up for info and recamondations.

Hi everyone, i am new to the forum. My name is dave and i just moved to East Texas, love it here :) I am trying to set up my profile but its giving me a bit of a fit telling me im not authorized. Maybe i missed something along the way that i have to do first :)
Hello everyone. I am new here. I am an employee of Newtech armor, a great manufacturer of body armor, we produce HAP, Bulletproof Vest, Shield and Helmet. We used to tender for many armies from different countries like Pakistan, and have established long-term partnership with many counties. I think we can exchange ideas here, and discuss the technologies and science about bulletproof equipment, I am looking forward to receive your advices and suggestions, so we can make further improvement on our protective products. if you are interested in our products, welcome to visit our official website: Link Removed
Newbie from the United Kingdom

A Newbie from the United Kingdom here - Ben Wyatt of AimCam AIMCAM- SEE IT YOUR WAY – AimCam USA

Things are a little different here in the UK but we set up AimCam to try and promote the sport of shooting to the younger generation and keep our sport alive. We opened up an office in Florida earlier this year and I come out to the USA regularly for business and pleasure. I've met some amazing people in the United states already and count many as my friends.

We've only just made a start on marketing the AimCam as a tool for law enforcement, and as a training accessory for Practical shooting, three gun and skeet. I'd love to know what you guys think of AimCam as a product and get any insight you can share with me on how best to raise awareness and get AimCam into the mass market. You can see plenty of cool video on our website and social media.

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Hey fuckers :D this is like my 10th account on this forum. Just letting you know that I am still "sneaking" my concealed carry gun past gun-buster signs.

How interesting that you don't even know me but are willing to make a statement about whether or not I own property. I find it very interesting that you, of all folks, would make mention of lame trolls.
Uh, you said it to me directly through one of my sock-puppet accounts, maybe Stylus or ArmyMan or BlackBook, is how I know. You cry about a business's rights but you don't even own property. You're so full of ****.

Anyway, always carry, especially where illegal, because that's where criminals target.
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