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    Can someone explain cost difference?

    I have been unable to discover why there is such a discrepancy in cost of handgun ammo. Why, for instance, is .380 ammo more expensive than 9mm. Not by just a little, but a lot. The .380 uses less lead, less brass, less powder but can run $6-$8 more expensive than 9mm. With the tremendous...
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    Current Gun Control here looks like Gun Control in Europe

    I'm thinking that the people of the Ukraine are wishing they had not accepted Obama's promise to protect them from Russia and that they had been more suspect of gun control laws in their own country. Currently the people of the Ukraine are pushing for a law reflective of the 2nd Amendment. We...
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    Ammo still short

    I'm curious how the ammunition supply is fairing in other parts of the state. SW Missouri is still faced with bare shelves. Fiocchi is right up the road and their ammo is impossible to find. All 22 rimfire ammo is also pretty much extinct. I keep hearing manufacturers are running hard to fill...
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    In Branson Missouri

    The large gas station/convenience store on Sheppard of the Hills Parkway in Brason MO, across from the RFD Theater has a sign on the door, "Persons with Firearms are not welcome in this store." I had been to the courthouse and my carry weapon was still locked in the glove box. I went in and told...
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    Missouri Politicians fail to over-ride Dem. Gov. Veto.

    I'm really disappointed in Missouri Politicians failure to over-ride Governor Jay Nixon's (D) veto of HB 436. The over-ride passed in the State House but failed by one vote in the Senate. The Bill would have nullified certain Federal Gun Laws inside the state of Missouri. Republicans vowed to...
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    Sig P239 SA/DA

    Does anyone have any experience with the Sig P239 Single Action/Double Action model? I haven't fired one but it is one I'm considering for my Christmas Wish List. 40 S&W would be the caliber. Also considering the H&K P30 SA/DA model in 40 cal.
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    Public School Teachers and staff disarmed by Democrats

    I'm sure most have heard about Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, a Democrat, has denied Arkansas Public School teachers or staff to carry weapons of any kind on Arkansas school campuses. This edict came down from On High quickly after Clarksville School District announced it would train teachers...
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    New CCW

    Proud to say my brother-in-law, age 77, just got his CCW and purchased a new Bersa Thunder 380 for his carry weapon. My sister also got her CCW and is carrying a Jimenez 22 until she can find a Beretta 3032 Inox. She also has a 38 Undercover but it's a bit much for her to shoot. Anyone else out...
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    Tactical Shotguns

    I'm really liking the Mossberg SA-20 Tactical. Plenty of firepower up close and women can handle it quite easily. 6 rounds of 3" 0 Buckshot can be a real attention getter. Would make a good quail or squirrel gun and a great firearm for kids to hunt White Tails.
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    Recuriting Women to the 2nd Amendment

    The more women that can be brought in to the shooting sports the stronger the 2nd Amendment and our Right to defend ourselves becomes. I'd like to challenge every guy out there to recruit one female into the sport and, if possible, walk her through the conceal carry process. It can be your wife...
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    Ordering Holsters for Conceal Carry Heads Up

    If you will be ordering a holster online please be aware of Falco Holsters. I ordered on-line from Falco in mid-may. It is now mid July and I am still waiting. The company claims delivery in a couple of weeks. Apparently "couple" means >8. This seems to be SOP for Falco.
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    Instant Background Check? Really?

    OK, I know there are tons of gun owners who have had to put up with this, but why should we have to? Just purchased a new P9 online. When my new lovechild showed up at the local gun shop I went to pick it up and bring the little bundle home. Could I do that? Noooo! Background check nixed my...
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    Brainwashing in US Colleges

    In case anyone is wondering why so many young people with college degrees are Leftists this is one answer from Wikipedia. William Charles "Bill" Ayers (born December 26, 1944)[1] is an American elementary education theorist and a former leader in the movement that opposed U.S. involvement in...
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    Another reason to carry

    It's obvious some who feel the need to own dog breeds that are known to be and are classified by hundreds of US cities as vicious and will not recognize how dangerous these animals are to humans, smaller dogs and pets. Here's a news story from just last Friday. FORT WORTH -- Two Fort Worth...
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    Another reason to carry

    Stepping out of my house the other day I was accosted by two large dogs. One a German Sheppard and the other a Pit Bull. Why is it people who own these type animals can't keep them in their yards? I managed to back the dogs down after they charged to within a few feet and I retreated back to my...