Ammo still short


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I'm curious how the ammunition supply is fairing in other parts of the state. SW Missouri is still faced with bare shelves. Fiocchi is right up the road and their ammo is impossible to find. All 22 rimfire ammo is also pretty much extinct. I keep hearing manufacturers are running hard to fill these gaps but I can see no real evidence of that. This has been going on for over a year and manufacturers have had ample time to increase production. I'm beginning to think something is rotten.

Peggy Reist

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SW Kansas is getting better all the time. For some calibers anyway. Still no 22LR, no 9mm, very little .38 or .380. Actually you can get these if you happen to be waiting at Walmart when they restock. And gun shows, you can get anything you want at gun shows. Fortunately we have quite a few around here. One next weekend!


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SE Iowa you can find about anything you want at Walmart 9 ,45, 40. depends on the town and forget about 22s. they are hard to find.


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.40 and .45 in abundance here in Southwest Missouri, every now and then some 9mm show up , but no 22 yet.


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North Carolina, we got no problems, execpt for 22lr. You can get it but you have to look around and the prices for it has been jacked up. Also 10mm is high priced, if you find a shop that has it. Walmart doesn't carry 10mm.


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NE of Kansas City things have gotten much better, but 9mm is still in short supply as is 22lr. Prices have settled down some on the 9mm but 22lr is still pretty pricey. I'm able to get .40 S&W regularly at generally reasonable prices. Range quality .223 availability seems to come and go. The gun shows still seem to be the best source for most ammunition.


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It's a little better than it was, but not much. I assume the problem is hoarding as much as anything.

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