Can someone explain cost difference?


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I have been unable to discover why there is such a discrepancy in cost of handgun ammo. Why, for instance, is .380 ammo more expensive than 9mm. Not by just a little, but a lot. The .380 uses less lead, less brass, less powder but can run $6-$8 more expensive than 9mm. With the tremendous upsurge in .380 purchases it can't be because manufacturers don't sell much of it. Either they can't sell enough or can't make enough or they are just gouging us. Which is it?

9mm is used more by military and more common, thus cheaper to produce.

.380 if you reload with Berrys bullets it's like $6 a box
Ammo manufacturers are in it to make money (like any business) and while the stuff is selling as fast as they can make it would be a bad time to lower the prices. With the recent upswing in the size of the .380 customer base I suspect that you will see the prices slowly even out over time, but only after a few price wars have driven it down (or once demand goes down because folks have their closets and bugout bags filled to overflowing).

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