First center-fire semi-auto


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I am moving from revolvers to a semi-auto. I want a weapon that is dependable and fun to shoot while being a good defense gun. I would like to use it as a CC on occasion. Considering I have a small hand I am considering the CZ 75D PCR. Would this be a good choice or should I select a SA only? It's hard for me to get away from a visible hammer.


Ruger p345

Look at the Ruger line up. Depends what you consider a good defense hand gun. I love my Ruger p345 in 45 ACP. Tried lots of others before settling on the Ruger, it felt right the minute I picked it up and have never been dis appointed in it. It handles every brand of ammo I've fed it w/o a misfire or hang up. Plus it was cheaper than any of the others which means a lot when you're on a fixed budget.

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At the risk of sounding like G50AE, take a look at the Glock. The .45ACP is a little large for us small-handed folks but the 9mm (17, 19) and .40 (22 and 23 I think) aren't bad.


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9mm is a good beginning centerfire caliber. Lowest cost to begin. .380ACP and .45ACP are not cheap. .45 is a great caliber to shoot however, one of my favorites... .40S&W is also a great shooting caliber and a great defensive round...

Exposed hammer? Double/single action? Striker fired? Compact or full size? Budget? Questions to mull around...

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