Sig P239 SA/DA


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Does anyone have any experience with the Sig P239 Single Action/Double Action model? I haven't fired one but it is one I'm considering for my Christmas Wish List. 40 S&W would be the caliber. Also considering the H&K P30 SA/DA model in 40 cal.


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I don''t have the P239 but I own and shoot the P229, also a DA/SA system. I love this gun and will not part with it. Do I wish it was a single stack? Sometimes when the weight of this guy gets too me a bit at the end of the day. But I do take comfort in having 14 rounds of .40 S&W in the mag with one in the chamber. the first DA pull is long with but with practice you learn to deal with it and make the transition to SA.


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Yes, I have experience with the Sig P239. I've had one for 5-6 years. It has been my primary carry gun. It has never failed to load, never failed to eject, never failed to fire. I trust my life with this gun. That is the primary reason I carry the P239. You won't be disappointed with your purchase of this gun. Hope this helps. Jerry


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I have one for sale. email me at: [email protected]

I really like it, but I am selling it because I already have one too many and can't fit them all on my safe. It's a RBW Titanium. Less than 150 rds, and comes with 4 MAGS and a Custom made Stoner IWB holster.


I have a P245 that I have carried for years. I really like it and the first double-action shot is just as accurate as the subsequent single-action shots. VERY reliable and easy to handle. I did have an action job done on it by Actions by T in Houston after I got it, and it really made the action smooth. It is a tad bit bulky for summer wear, and I recently added a XDS .45 to my armory for summer carry, which is also a great gun. The XDS replaced my KAHR CM9 for summer carry and I don't regret it at all, even though I really liked the CM9 (gave the 9mm to my daughter - w/CTC laser! Lucky girl!!)

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