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    Do Stand Your Ground Laws Help or Hurt Crime Rates?

    Link Removed Obviously, this writer is biased against SYG.
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    Why is Walmart Considered the Concealed Carry Cherry?

    Sorry if it This was a rude question. I couldn't think of a better way to ask it. So every New CC License holder on the Internet talks about their first walk as a concealed carry member in Walmart. Why is that the case? Because it is the most common retail store in the country? Why not "The...
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    Zoo carry

    What is the consensus at any Zoo? Carry allowed or not? I saw an old thread from another site. It was unclear. Thanks for helpful responses.
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    I'm done with this channel. They make me sick.
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    Ruger SP-101

    I have a Ruger SP-101 and I would like to make the trigger feel smoother (ie lighter with less tension). What do you recommed I do? I have a hammer that I was considering getting bobbed. This would facilitate a better concealed carry gun. What do you guys and gals think? Sent from my...
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    Trade a 357 for a 40 S&W?

    I have 2 Snubby 357s. I love my Taurus 605. I am seriously considering trading my Ruger SP101, for a used Kahr PM40. I have a Glock 23 and 27, already. What would you do? How much in trade should I expect to get for my Ruger? I am hesitant about trading guns. Please help me decide. Thanks...
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    Shooting glasses

    I have been using cheap polycarbonate shooting glasses for almost 20 years. I tend to have them fog, though. What are the best impact resistant, high visibility antifog glasses to buy? I have a pair of Gunnar Optic lenses for reading on the PC. I don't know if they're impact resistant though.
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    SigSauer 1911s

    I never thought of Sig Sauer for 1911s but the other day I saw one in a store. I know that Bauer, STI and Kimbers get all of the high acclaim. Given the accuracy and reliability of the P series pistols, I would guess that the 1911s would be top notch, also. After seeing that Sig makes one, I...
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    How reliable and accurate

    How reliable andaccurate are theDiamondback 380 subcompact?
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    Ammunition effectiveness in Subcompacts and Compacts

    We have all seen the data from Marshall and Sandow and those experiments on Goats in Europe. However, with the popularity of smaller guns, my question is this: Are the subcompacts and Compact guns, which have shorter barrels, going to be as effective in penetration and expansion as their...
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    Do you change positions of your holster?

    Do you change holster positions depending upon where you are? What position is the best for retention in a melée (Esp for level 1 holsters)?
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    Beretta PX4 Concealed

    My friend likes the Beretta PX4. He is new to firearms and would like something that can be carried concealed. He does have trouble cycling the slide on compact semiautos, like 1911s, S&W M&P, Sig Sauer but no problem with the Kahr, Beretta PX4, H&K 9 mm or STI guns. Does anyone actually...
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    Define Concealed

    The gun has to be hidden from view. I have met fellow CCW holders in FL and they say anything goes but I am all about concealing without conspicuity. You should also make sure that your CCW license is on you, in case you are questioned by a LEO. I recommend this book for anyone who has a gun...
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    Carrying extra magazines

    I have been carrying a G23. What is best way to carry magazines?
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    Catridge ejecting at me

    I have a ParaOrdnance P-14 it loads without issues and is very accurate. However, some of the cartridges eject at me - occassionally hitting me on the forehead, my shooting glasses and into the front of my shirt. This happens independent of load (FMJ or Jhp). It happens with Weaver and...