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    Obama visits Heaven

    We have managed access to the infidel 2beararms account to notify you that your joke has been deemed NOT FUNNY. Click below to understand. Link Removed
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    Used my carry knife today

    A bit ago I started carrying a decent Taiwan made “Lightning” OTF auto knife as my edc. I got one with the serrated blade which is fairly rare in the lightning’s and figured it to be a good carry knife. I got the chance to find out today. It was mid-afternoon and I was in the corner of the...
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    Bug-Out supplies

    I recently found this web site that has a great selection survival and other useful stuff, most very small in size. I placed an order for a bunch of stuff this morning, will let you know quality when it arrives. Countycomm
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    Carry beyond the bang?

    More and more recently I have been studying and seeing more information on important carry weapons beyond the gun. Although I have been known to carry a cheapy pocket knive or a mini-mag flashlite, the more I see the more I realize that investing in a GOOD knife and a GOOD tactical light at...
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    Constitutional Proposal

    This made much sense to me, so in addition to emailing a bunch of people I am posting it here: You are one of my 20. Subject: An idea whose time has come For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire...
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    1911 Military/LEO trained

    I see there are a lot of people who carry 1911's as their primary. I am wondering how many of you were military or LEO trained with the 1911 or did you just decide as a civilian that this was your gun of choice? Simple curiosity.
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    Do YOU have a FAULT??

    After recent weeks it is real time to look over the geology survey for your area and the adjacent few hundred miles and determine if you are anywhere near a fault line. Certainly earthquake activity is up and appears to be a series of corrections in pressure as the plates readjust which means...
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    Street Wars? What ammo?

    As I continue the ever ongoing task of planning and updating a SHTF "kit" I started thinking to myself in terms of what ammo or weapons may be scrounged from the streets should an actual "war" break out. My figuring is 9mm, .40 and .223 I base that on the fact that much of the military still...
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    Born again american - must view video

    Link Removed This video actually brought tears to my eyes ... a must view.
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    want to join PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals

    I am thinking if the SHTF I may want to join PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals. For the past year or so I have been constantly building and revising a “bug-out-bag” which consists of a single mid size backpack that holds what is a constantly revised list of items considered “necessity” should...
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    Location, Location, Location

    Apparently when choosing where to pull a bank robbery this is the important thing also! A friend of mine relayed this story to me. He was having lunch at a local eatery in a strip center. He was seated by the window where he could look out onto the parking lot. In the parking lot, within...
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    Firearms -- a new MAJOR currency

    If the SHTF we can assume a few things will happen (either as the cause or the effect). The monetary system we are used to will shut down, currency will be valueless, power and other services will be gone, the infrastructure as we know it will be non-existent. In the aftermath, everyone will...
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    An invitation to Axeanda45 (+ everyone else)

    And GOD said …”Let there be firearms” … and there was, and he saw that it was good. This discussion is on the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. My question is HOW DO YOU VIEW THIS SUPPOSED RIGHT? From other discussions, I see many want to call the 2A a God given right, but I do not see where...
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    Bianchi X-15 Review/Reccomendation

    A few weeks back I came across a nice Stainless Ruger GP-100 4” in a pawn shop at a good price, so I had to make it mine. I knew I had plans to head into some areas of the “glades” just a bit later this spring and thought a .357 would be a good gun to carry for safety. Although a good bit...
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    Open Carry and Alcohol Limits

    Florida is one of those states (sorta), here you may carry into restaruants that serve alcohol and consume while carrying. You can't carry in "bars" however. There is a limit (I believe it is .05) however, that is only for "handling" your firearm (loaded and in your hand). Technically you can...