want to join PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals


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I am thinking if the SHTF I may want to join PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals.

For the past year or so I have been constantly building and revising a “bug-out-bag” which consists of a single mid size backpack that holds what is a constantly revised list of items considered “necessity” should we have to literally walk out of the area. Included are items such as a water purification system to which a good bit of the space and weight is dedicated. A folding axe/hammer tool kit, a collapsible fishing pole with reel and supplies. Several “automatic” fishing devices to make jug lines. Etc, etc, etc.

A lot has gone into trying to get the most bang for space and weight, for example by using superglue to glue the translucent caps to two water bottles together and drilling the proper size hole in the bottom I was able to fabricate a diffuser that goes on the top of an LED mini-mag lite in “candle” mode and makes it into a 2 AA cell lantern that lights a whole room, lasts long, and serves as a normal flashlight when needed all in about 3 ounces.

Food being a paramount thought, the desire to be able to hunt small animals seemed to be important. Hunting with a .380 or even a 9mm handgun does not seem to be logical as I don’t know how good vaporized squirrel is if you can hit him in the first place.

So today I added a new item to the pack. A Henry AR-7 .22 Survival Rifle. Nice unit, dissembles and everything packs into the stock and the whole thing weighs like three pounds and fits nicely into the pack.

Now my question is WHAT AMMO?? I’ve never done anything with .22 other than plinking so I have no idea what is a good round if needed for hunting small animals. I would guess a high velocity hollow point, but I thought I would reach out to the expertise here. I figure on carrying a few hundred rounds in the pack.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Pick up a bunch of CCI Mini-Mag Hollow Points. They work great on small game. If you need something a little more quiet, pick up some CCI CB rounds (They make them in Long and Short). You have a lot less range, but when fired out of a rifle, the round makes a lot less noise and is effective on cats, rats and small dogs.


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