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OK, I admit it, I'm bored. I'm sitting here writing on a computer when I want to be out shooting. Even if I go to the range the cost of ammo is driving me nuts just to play so more and more my mind is sayin ... "22"

So then I start thinking what would be a cool .22 to play with. Semi-Auto, maybe Walther P-22, or maybe a wheel gun, like single action cowboy peice with cool grips and maybe a gunbelt and holster.

Anyone into plinkin'? Just wonder what to play with this year?

I went through the same thing about a month ago. We were dropping about 100 rounds a weekend at the range. the 9mm was getting expensive. I started looking at .22LR semi auto pistols.

I was kinda set on the P22, but after reading up on them and finding it more like a toy after renting one I kept looking.

I really liked the Buckmark Tactical, but it was 5 bills and I didn't want to spend that much on a plinker. Alot of guys recomended the Rugur MK2 or mk3, but those were priced more than I wanted to spend and breakdown on those is a PITA.

I settled on the Neos for 239.00 bucks. It came with 2 mags (all of the Walthers, brownings and Rugurs only came with one, and the Walther P22 mags have been backordered 6+ months) You can get extra mags at CDNN for 10 bucks! the feel of the grip is perfect. A lot of people can't get over the space aged looking plinker.

I now have 600 rounds through it, and all the range guys love it. A couple guys are talking about getting one. I put a little bushnell Trophy red/green dot scope on mine.

Great little gun, made in MD, easy to disassemble and clean. Only had a couple FTL and that was due to cheap bulk pack ammo that had dings in the casings so it wouldn't seat fully in the chamber

I highly reccomend the Little baretta Neos
OK, I admit it, I'm bored. I'm sitting here writing on a computer when I want to be out shooting. .....
Anyone into plinkin'? Just wonder what to play with this year?

OH Boy, 2BA, Just a couple days ago when a thread asked about handgun scopes,,, I went though the "DT's". Got the 44 out, cleaned it, oiled it down, called Bass Pro to see if there was time avail. Checked to see haow many rounds I had. My wiphe told me I was troubled...
Yea--I feel your pain
I reload and it's still expensive to shoot

For pistol plinkin' I prefer my Buckmark--5" shaved bull barrel. Very accuarate and very fun to shoot. Sometimes I take the Ruger MKIII 22/45 but I really prefer the Buckmark over the Ruger.

For rifle shootin' I usually shoot the Ruger 10/22. Fun gun and very accurate.
I also have a Rem 597 but that thing just plain jams too much. Rem said get the new mags--I did and it still jams--nice gun but the jamming really sucks
A friend and I were at the range today doing some pistol work, and the range was packed. We were pretty much done so we packed up and went to the 100yd range as it was empty and we were goofing off at this point.

He had a "sportsmans" pistol that was pretty old it was a .22LR. I'll get the model for you we were shooting 100 yards with iron sights at a target about 12" x 12" and hitting. It was alot of fun. Especially not thinking about a quarter every time you pull the trigger :biggrin:
Rem 597

I always wondered who ended up with that peice of junk I traded off. Sorry,but i got top dollar on the 10/22 I traded for,,,IT NEVER JAMS!
A DPMS 5.56 with a CMMG conversion is the best damn plinking rifle of all time. The Eotech sight and 26 round magazines are just plain fun.
Of course it only takes a minute to change the bolt back to 5.56.

Handgun, a Ruger MK 1,II, or III can't be beat.
+1 on that Ruger MKIII I have one and it is one of the best plinkers I have ever had. Killed many ground hogs with it.I also have a SigSauer Mosquito I like it as well. Just plane fun.
I'm having fun with a Ruger MKII w/ bull barrel pistol, a Ruger 10/22 and a Tactical Solutions .22 upper on my AR15 lower.

Cheap and fun!!!!!
I went with the S&W 617 4" 10 round revolver. It's my main squeeze (at my range) and tuff as nails. It will probably out live my great grandchildren.
Try them all and get the one you really like.
You'll save enough on ammo to justify the purchase.
Our youngest son is collecting rifles (for later investment when he get old, he said...) and he knows that if he buy us one as a present, he's gonna have it when we passed there's another investment for him whether he buys it for himself or for us. Last night I said to him "what if I decided to will it to your brothers instead?" His reply: "It ain't gonna happen! ... will it?":biggrin:

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