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So what was the first gun, excluding bb guns, you ever owned and do you still have it?

My first gun ever was given to me as a present by my dad back when I was 11 or 12. It was a single shot New England Arms 20 gauge. I still have it and actually shot clays with it a few months back.

She's the one on the right:

Stevens 15a single shot .22LR

Stevens 15a single shot .22LR

I still have it. My boys all learned to shoot on it.

My Grandad gave it to me for my 14th B-day!
I learned to shoot on a Marlin .22LR, but it wasn't mine.

The 1st gun I owned was a Glock 17 way back in 1987.
Ruger 10-22 with the fancy stock No BBl band and a weaver d-6 scope Dad got it for me when I was 12 in 1976 even says bi centennial on it.:biggrin: I still have and shoot it
Sears and Roebuck 22 single shot given to me by my Pop when I was 8 or 9. I wish I still had it. Lots of fond memories picking up drink bottles along the roadside in Lousia Va., getting a few pennies to go to the local hardware store and buy a box of 22 shorts and go big game hunting. All this before I was 10 years old. The times have sure changed.
A sporterized Springfield 03-A3 I got as a kid back in the 1960's. My dad had the original barrel turned down, but I did all the metal finishing and fit the stock down. I remember it was a walnut replacement sporter stock from Herter's that cost all of $9.95 (this was back in the middle 1960's). We put one of the old Bausch & Lomb scopes with the external controls. It turned into a good shooter with my handloads and I still have it.
My Dad gave me my first gun back when I was 14 (almost 40years ago now). I still have that 20ga. shotgun. It will most likely go to KimberPB one day.
My first was a 2 shot derringer that I got from an older brother around age 18 and no I do not have it anymore. I was going to say a 45cal Llama auto that I got when I was 20 , boy was that a piece of junk, until I remembered the derringer.
My first gun was given to me at Xmas from my parents. A single shot .410...
Ahhh I remember the good old days tracking squirrel and partridge all day in the woods. Sticking a water hose down the woodchuck hole in the backyard and exterminating them as they came out one at a time and shooting the raccoon and skunk that were eating our chickens in the middle of the night.
Good times.. good times.

I still own it and plan on passing it on to my son. It's not an expensive firearm but the memories and history will live on.:laugh:
My pop used to talk for hours about his stint in the service. Most of what he told us when we were young was just to entertain us, some real some not. The one of the real parts I recollect him talking about was his M1 service rifle. He tried to convey how the weapon worked, in drawings as we sat at the table. His drawings stick in my mind to this day.The first gun I ever bought was that M1 I'd heard so much about. It's a great link to old memories.
Learned to shoot with a Marlin .22. Still have the gun to this day.....First gun that I purchased though was a Glock 27. Since then the fever has taken over, I have bought another Glock, Ruger P85 and a Beretta EOS that both my wife and boys enjoy to shoot. Heck, my wife enjoys it so much that she is talkin about getting her firearms license. WOW!!!!!!!! It's good to be me.
Pump-action 12 guage -- bought it from a friend of mine for $100 when someone was shot outside the apartments where I lived
My first gun was a single shot .22 my dad gave me when I was about 9.

The first I ever bought myself (I was 18): a Star 9mm B(something or other) that I sold off long ago. The best thing about that one is that it got me interested in 1911 style pistols. My second pistol was a Colt and I've never been without one since.
I bought a new Ruger 10/22 in 1973 with my lawn-mowing money - still have it. Soon after, I bought a used Savage 12 guage pump for $75.
My first was a New England Arms 20ga single shot shotgun. My dad gave it to me for my birthday when I turned 14.Still have it, don't get to use it that much, but its been a nice gun. Especially for my first.

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