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The other day I picked up a Radom P-35. At first I didn't want it but when I heard the price I bought it. Later that night I was looking at it and saw some small marks on the slide and receiver. You know when you get older the first , maybe it's the second thing to go is your eyes. I got my magnifying glass and found Nazi Proof marks. After researching I found out that it was a Type I made from 1935-1939. It also has 100% matching parts. The receiver, slide and barrel have matching serial numbers plus the shoulder-stock mount on the rear of the grip. Here is some more info on it.

Type: Single Action
Chamber: 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum
Weight unloaded: 1025 g
Length: 205 mm
Barrel length: 115 mm
Capacity: 8 rounds

WiS vz35 stand for "Wilniewczyc i(and) Skrzypinski, model of 1935". Originally, it was manufactured in Poland by F.B.Radom factory.
WiS vz35 externally is very similar to famous Colt/Browning M1911 design, but internally it is different. WiS vz35 is a recoil operated, locked breech pistol that used Browning linkless (Hi-Power style) locking principle. Gun has no manual safeties: instead it has grip automatic safety (like the 1911) and the frame-mounted decocker. The lever on the rear of the left side of the frame is a disassembly (takedown) latch. Guns made for Polish military in 1935-1939 also had shoulder-stock mount on the rear of the grip. During WW2, some WiS vz35 were manufactured for German Military in Austria using original Poland made parts.
Original WiS vz35 were standart issue handguns for the Polish military. In 1992 the manufacturing of the WiS vz35 in Poland was re-started on custom basis (for collection purposes).
According to some sources (incl. Guns & Ammo magazine), WiS vz35 is one of the best handguns ever built.






I read that it is internally different from a 1911, but nevertheless, it looks like that was the design upon which it was based. Is it just as thin as a typical 1911?
Nice find Red Hat! I went to an estate sale last friday hoping I'd run across a deal like that but no luck.
Nice, Very Nice

That is truely nice and in really good condition. Guard it closely. There are forces out there that want us to lose our older pieces irregardless of their historical value. Nice, Very Nice.

What a catch - this version has been going on the GunBrocker for around 1100.00

If it has a slot for shoulder stock than it it has been made sometimes in 1940. This featore has been dropped from 1941 on. Can you share the forst three characters of the serial number ?
It has the slot for the stock. I had an expert on the P-35 look at it a few weeks ago and he said it was most likely made around 39. It's one of the first ones made after they took over the factory. It's all matching serial numbers. I thought that the magazine didn't match but he told me it was the correct one. The first runs didn't have any markings on the Mag and like mine the bottom plate was pinned on so everything is correct. He said it was one of the better Type 1 he's seen. He's writing a book on the history of the Radom so he has a little knowledge on the subject. I'm happy with it and plan on keeping it.

I'll have to get the serial number later. It's locked in a safe in my shop but the Prefix is a 'B' and I think it was B2XXX number. There was a 'A' run and a 'B' run on the first batches. These were Three lever with the Shoulder Stock slot and with nice finishes. Sequential runs started leaving off the hammer drop and the takedown lever replacing them with roll pins. The finish suffered also. Machine marks and substandard bluing were the norm. Rumor had it that some of the slave labor they used to manufacture the firearms sabotaged a lot of the firearms so they wouldn't fire.
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Serial Number

Thanks - whenever you have time - I collect Radom data and pictures.

There is a lot of good informaion out there on this gun - just google. And there are at least two reasonably priced books on the topic that I know of:

The Radom - by Robert J. Berger

Vis: The Model 35 Radom Pistol - by Terrence W. Lapin (Hyrax Publishers, LLC)
Polish Radom

I also have a Radom with basically the same markings and I was wondering if you happen to know what wgt your recoil spring is? I'm having some issues with loading and thinking of increaseing the recoil spring wgt.
Polish Radom

Gents and Ladies, I'm new to this group and wanted to share some info regarding my Radom P35 and some additional info regarding the pistol in general.

Background: I'm a retired baby-boomer who is offspring of two serious gunners (father was USN aviation ordnanceman and my Mom was USN aerial gunnery instructor - both WWII).

I got my Radom P35 from my uncle who was a complete NON-gunner. He was in a US Army artillery outfit in WWII and brought it back with him... amongst other things.

The pistol passed through my Dad's hands and then to me and other than keeping it clean, nothing was done with it.

After being overseas for 25 years (oil business) including 10 in Europe, I've become something of a historian and presently (for the past few years), I've concentrated on the Holocaust but WWII in Holland runs a close second.

I have had possession of my P35 for some time, but it didn't get the attention that my Brownings, etc, have received. Recently, I looked at it a bit closer and found that the original holster has the Runic SS stamp inside the flap and that prompted more research. Mine has serial number E42xx and has the takedown catch, the lanyard loop and the slot for the shoulder stock - all components have matching numbers. Considering its age, it is in remarkably good condition - no pits, but some bluing loss. Internally, the barrel is like a mirror (wish my arteries were as good).

A bit of history: the Germans did final assembly of many of these guns in Steyr (Austria) because they were concerned that the finished guns would fall into the hands of the Polish resistance. They were right... bits and pieces were smuggled out of the FB Radom plant and ended up in the hands of the resistance in the Warsaw Jewish ghetto where they were assembled and used during the uprising.

After the Germans took over the FB plant, many of the pistols were issued to Waffen SS and SS Police units who made up the Einsatzgruppen. As you probably know these units followed the Wehrmacht into Poland, the Baltic States and Russia and shot about 1 million Jews... no doubt, some of them using P35s.

Probably, some of you serious collecters will scream, but since I live only about 40 miles from the Novak shop in Parkersburg, WV, I intend to have my P35 bead blasted, reblued and have Novak sights installed. My wife and I live at the end of the road with just our Friesian horses and Pugs and SharPeis and we are surrounded by meth labs and perverts. The P35 will become my primary carry gun... it is too elegant to leave on the shelf.

Lastly, Terence Lapin has written a good book on the P35. I recommend it to all interested... available from Amazon. Thanks for bearing with me....
First of all, welcome Pugster! Thank you for sharing the information you gathered on the P-35. They are definitely a fine firearm with a diverse history. I'd love to find one in bad shape so I could build it up the way I'd like it. I couldn't bare to modify the one I have.:wink:
Radom P35

Red Hat,

Thanks... yours looks almost identical to mine except I have a different marking on the trigger guard. The 623 stamp is the Steyr indicator - final assembly was there. Check the barrel lug - if it has a single Runic S then that barrel was made at Mauthausen Concentration Camp by slave labor. If the barrel has 623, then it came from Steyr.

Ref you question about springs back in Jan, Wolff makes a complete set of replacement springs for the P35. They are packaged together and called "Service Pak Type - 1" - price $11.99. They also have magazine springs that are +5% priced at $7.49 each. I just got a complete set for my P-35 a few days ago... still in the box. Wolff website is: Wolff Gunsprings Manufactures springs for modern and vintage firearms, guns, hammer, pistols, handguns, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, semiautomatic, accessories, weapons, law enforcement, hunting, shooting, recoil, colt, mainsprings, magazines, IPSC. Hope I'm not telling you something you already know.

I just realized that I didn't post the ser# for sportowy. B23XX

Pugster, I checked the barrel and it is a 623.

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