Watauga Man Loses Arm After Fight With Robber


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Doctors had to amputate the arm of a Watauga homeowner Wednesday morning after he was injured in a fight with a crook. The man interrupted a robbery attempt in front of his house and ended up getting stabbed and then shot with his own gun.

Debris – including the homeowner's shotgun – from the scuffle was scattered in the yards of several homes as police continued their investigation nearly seven hours after the man first interrupted the robbery, authorities said.

According to reports, the homeowner heard some noise near his portable trailer parked outside his house in the 6000 block of Sundown Drive and went outside. His wife called 911 and woke a friend who had stayed the night at the house.

The three men struggled, and the both the homeowner and his guest were stabbed. The gun went off during the fight and the homeowner was shot in the arm with his own gun. Officials later said doctors amputated the man's arm because his injuries were so severe.

One neighbor heard the gunshot, but dismissed the noise because he did not suspect it would have been a gunshot in his neighborhood.

Police continue their search for the alleged attacker and other residents said they will become more diligent in their personal safety, including Nancy Bennett, who usually works nights and comes home in the early morning hours. She thinks the man could have been searching for an easy target.

Authorities urge residents to call police instead of confronting anyone at any time of the day

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Sounds to me like the homeowner made a bad mistake here. Anytime you pull a gun you better be ready to use it. The BG should have never gotten close enough for this to happen. This happened in the county where I live.

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Should have pulled the trigger. He would have his arm if he did so. Granted I do not know the circumstances, however in my eyes if he had time to get the firearm, he had time to use it. I feel bad for him, however I also feel bad for the fact that he did not do what should have been done in this situation. Maybe he was thinking of the potential consequences with the law after? I am not sure; however he could have been killed in this situation. In my eyes, I’d rather shot the BG, remain alive and in one piece, and deal with the law later. This guy was within his legal right to put this BG down.


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That sucks for the home owner! Just a reminder that anything you bring to the fight has the potential to also be used against you.

This is a good scenario to go over. What would you have done? You here a bump in the night from a scructure on your property (that is not attached to your house). Do you investigate? Do you call the police and wait?


That's terrible. The article said that the man interrupted a robbery in front of his house. It didn't say if the robber was exiting the trailer or what exactly the robber was doing or where he was. In any case, i hope the man will be okay even with the loss of his arm. :frown:


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That's terrible. The article said that the man interrupted a robbery in front of his house. It didn't say if the robber was exiting the trailer or what exactly the robber was doing or where he was. In any case, i hope the man will be okay even with the loss of his arm. :frown:

On t.v. at lunch today they said the police found tools and things from the trailer in the bushes. the BG must have been there for a while. Also one of the mans neighbors said someone had stole things from the trailer before so the home owner had been watching out for a repeat.


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If he wasn't going to pull the trigger, he would have just been better off just letting the thief steal his stuff while he jumped out of the nearest window and called police from a payphone.


There are very few pay phones left in the world in my town and in southern Cali so I just had to laugh when you said that. And it's really easy to Monday-morning quarterback, but I'm doing the same, wondering why didn't he just call on a cell phone or use one of the neighbors' phones and call for help? Was it worth losing his arm? Only he can answer that one. But my money is on "No."


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Texas has some of the best laws for protecting property. Remember Joe Horn?

It takes a lot to be mentally prepared to pull the trigger and take a life. I not judge him.

I not comment on should or shouldn't, what if etc.

In New York State you would go to jail for shooting a thief committing a property crime. Here you call the police and hope they show up sometime to make a report. I might try to tease them into my home then they fair game.

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Two of them couldn't take him down, must have been drugs involved. A lesson to be learned, if you have a gun and the BG has a knife then shoot and worry about it later. He had every right to drop the BG but I imagine he was reluctant to do it. You have to have your mind made up about what you will do in a situation like that. I hope he will recover mentally and physically after this and that he learned a hard lesson. I hope they find the dirtbag and throw him under the jail.

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