USA Carry Picnic In Florida

Thats a great idea,count me in...:pleasantry:

Count me in!!!:happy: I can go almost anyplace! As long as it is not cold....
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I would be interested! I like the Tampa Orlando area since that is where I live! :) But Orlando amminities and easy access makes it a strong contender.
I live in Orlando and think you might want to contact the Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club. Their website is CFRPC-Welcome They have a nice outdoor range near the international airport. I am not a member but have been out there a few times and it is large enough for a big group.
North Central Florida works well

Great range at a NRA club in Ft. White, (Fort White Gun Club) 30+ acres, lots of open fields for picnic, parking, etc., plus ranges for rifle, pistol and SASS. Orlando is 8 lanes of hate and discontent & extremely expensive for visitors; Tampa is OK for centralized Floridians, but for folks coming from other parts of the southeast US, the Gainsville/Lake City area is more accessible. Both cities are alongside I-75 for ground travelers and Ft White is just 35 mi to the NW.

Just my 2 cents. I am not a member of the FW club bytheway.....but I do shoot matches there occasionally.

Get together in Florida

I would be interested in the Get Together Lukem!!!
I too am not far from Ft. White (I live in Suwannee County)
So let's choose a date. I would suggest late September if we are planning on being outside. Less heat, less bugs, less tourists........or April, if we can put it together that quickly.
Might want to think about this one, they have several ranges (outdoor) and lots of room to picnic and whatnot.

From here, your only 20-30 mins. from the beaches, close to Busch Gardens and only an 1.5 hours from Disney and all that mess.

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The Antelope Clud is great for you bolt action guys but last I checked only allows one round loaded at a time. Which is a PITA for us AR and AK guys. Not sure if they allow rapid fire on the pistol lanes.
Count me in - if in the Pan-handle area. It would then be cheap enough to drive; as flying you would have to deal with carrying weapons in checked baggage. I have done this before, but only one pistol- and do not know about the legality of carrying ammo.
Where about in Florida? I'm in North Florida. ( Live Oak )

Curtis, most of the talk has been about the Tampa or Orlando areas. Of course, those of us in the Panhandle prefer a more northern location...

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