USA Carry Picnic In Florida


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Thet me see if I can work something out just south of Orlando ,Clermont

I am in Vero Beach! I would be glad to help you with the planning. PM me if you want some help and I will give you my Phone number...


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Vero Beach here , I will be out of town ( Tn ) from the 27th of June till the 21 st. of July but other then that I will help with what I can .
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I would have to fly to FL. but that's not completely out of the question..keep me posted on the details..


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Florida get togeather

I am in jacksonville area and there are some good ranges over here. I would love to attend, but the holliday weekends are not real good for me. You know that old bad word w o r k
let me know where and when and i will try my best to be there tom y


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Picknic update

CCW357 & I are working on setting up some kind of get together! The biggest problem seems to be finding a place that is in the middle of the state so everyone has a equal distance to go.
We will keep you all posted is we can pull it together. If anyone has any GOOD ideas, send them along.


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Coming From Savannah, GA

Sounds great man im only 1 3/4 hours from Jacksonville and i know several people that would join where can i get the details??? And let me know how i can help

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