Trouble at the Movies

Sound like you were dealing with a real idiot he didn't have all the facts but opened his mouth, such as your wife's problem with her eyes and his potential problem with lead poison :hang3:. Good move on your part that was one he couldn't have one. :pleasantry:

You did the right thing. As they say, sticks and stones... If he had been threatening you with a weapon then that would have been another story. The day we start shooting people for insulting us is the day we jeopardize our right to bear arms. Words will never kill us. Part of responsible carrying is knowing when to use restraint. Well done!
You did the right thing. When you have a firearm on you, you have to hold yourself to a higher standard than just wanting to kick his ass. Good job.
<<< "Thanks, that makes me feel better, but I still regret the whole event." >>>

You have nothing to regret. How much would you regret it if you got up and ending up having to shoot the A--hole. You did right and I applaud you for it. If your son has any intelligence, I you being his father, I believe he does (I am judging you intelligence by your very intelligent action), he will understand.

[quoteThere are three types of men. Some learn by reading, a few learn by observation, and the rest have to piss on the electric fence to find out for themselves.. Will Rogers=ggtgary;104263][/quote]
Just a further reference to my post of several days ago. We all agree that the actions taken ended up Ok and were prudent. I only question whether, in dealing with a individual who obviously cannot control himself, you should even say anything in response to his comments---they may sound innocent as you say them, but in the heat of the moment, as you respond to this crazy person, one wrong word can set him off. If you just shrug and act meekly, and say nothing--you may be better off. Having said the above---"easier said than done".
You Definitely did the right thing! Your son and your wife know you're the better and much stronger man for handling the way you did. What the BG doesn't know is that you were carrying your 1911, cocked & locked, and he can be thankful he didn't escalate it any further.
No doubt that you did the right thing.
In the world we live in now, two people step outside to "sort things out" and they are both considered criminals.
Even without being armed, our society does not tolerate the defense of honor. While this seems more civilized superficially, society has replaced the ability to stand for common decency with ... nothing. So we are left with a hole (actually, a lot of them, this fellow you encountered being one of many) in the workings of everyday life; people do cruel, rude, threatening, insulting things to others daily in public life - we see it so much, it no longer shocks anyone.
The greatest thing you ever teach your son may be how to sort a threat to honor and ego out from a threat to life and limb.

I have endured the same kind of scenario that you have here, and I second-guessed myself quite a bit.
My thoughts after the fact: I wish I had put my cell phone in movie mode and filmed the fool sharing his IQ. This public performance could then have been shared with security, LE, the world via YouTube (great for his employer or parole officer to see), or just kept for evidence should he resurface later with ill intentions. Many idiots gain some self-control when they realize that they're on camera.

I'm willing to bet that you couldn't find a single person in that theater who thought poorly of you or sympathetic to that fool when all was said and done.
Good job!

I agree that you did the right thing. What if the other fellow had been armed? Isn't it better that your son not know if the other fellow was armed? Be glad that your wife doesn't know. Think of what could have resulted...not a pretty picture, imho. You did the right thing by diffusing the situation. The other fellow IS, but YOU are NOT a coward. You are a grown man acting in the best interest and safety of your family. Be glad that you are the better man, that you showed your son how it's done! Good job! :happy:
the utmost restraint is the #1 rule in any situation such as this. You must not allow anyone to "goad" you into a fight. That speaks more about you to ignore his challenge, (as your son would view it) than to act like a schoolyard toughboy like the other guy. Good judgement in my book .......
Just read this and, as everyone is saying, you absolutely did the right and proper thing, and your wife and son should be proud. That jackass wanted a fight and you didn't give him one. You didn't let him walk all over your family, you challenged him, and then you stayed in control and saved his life by not rising to his childishness. You saved your wife and son from having to watch you kill a man, not to mention all the other patrons, you saved the cinema owner from having to deal with the aftermath of a shooting, you saved the cops from having to come down and draw a line around the guy instead of being out doing something useful, and you saved you and your family a ton of grief that would have come from helping along the initiation of a fight and having to shoot someone.

Next week he'll get his ass kicked by somebody with less restraint than you, and they can deal with the consequences, next year he'll be in jail or an early grave of his own making. You win. And I'm sure you son knows that. If not, talk to him about it.
Of course if you had a silencer so you would not disturb the rest of the movie goers I would say you should have just shot him right there:jester:

Just kidding, of course you did the right thing.
You did the right thing. Simply explain to your son that because we are armed we have to sometimes be the better man and overlook the little things.

"The difference between a man and a jackass is that when a man passes the pasteur and the jackass brays at him, the man doesn't feel the need to bray back."



--The Catcher in the Rye
I am wondering why the management didn't throw him out.

Theater management generally involves the most senior member of the CPDT (Coke and Popcorn Distribution Team). Generally, they are under the age of 18, and are ill equipped to dispense proper change, let alone properly handle an unruly patron. You might get lucky and have some 20-something movie geek that still lives at home with his mother, and has never been on a date.
Hi ya'll, heres something that happend to me a few months ago, I still sit and think about it sometimes and finaly im gonna share it with ya'll. I would really like input and opinions, cause like I said I still go over it in my mind. I think I did the rite thing, but for some reason it still makes me feel bad. So heres the story, I took my family to the movies, it was a crowed theater and the previews were still showing. Now my wife, who's recovering from a massive stroke, and has lost most of her vision was sitting beside me, my 15 YR old son was on the pther side of her. there was this guy who had been on his cell phone was really loud and I thought was kinda rude, but thats my opinion. Anyway he decided to leave the theater we were in and go to a different one as I guess his friends were seeing a different movie. As he was leaving the isle, he stumbled on my wifes foot. She said she was sorry, and the man walked away, but he kept staring at my wife. now remember her vision is pretty bad, and she was trying to see the man in the dark. He stared for almost a full minet whitch struck me as odd. So I asked him if there was a problem. He answered me saying to stop my B.... Wife from staring at him. I replyed that she wasn't hurting anything and he should go on about his business. He got angry and Loud, he told me to make him go about his business. I replyed I didn't want any trouble and again to please go about his business. He replyed to me to get up and make him. Now here I am, crowded theater, Iv'e got my 1911 .45 in my shoulder holster cocked and locked. The man wanted me to get up and i felt if I did there would be a fight, and maby a killing. I chose to sit there,let him call me a coward and not get into a fight, I felt it wasn't really worth it, I just wanted to have Family Nite out. Now If i'd gotten up and trouble had started in the theater, someone would have gotten hurt, possibly an inocent bystander. I thought it was better to let him call me a coward and leave than to take a chance and stand up. I know if I'd stood up he would have attacked me, and the theater was the wrong place to defend myself with my gun. I beleive it was the responsible thing I did, but I really looked like a whimp in front of my son. I still feel bad about the whole thing, and would like other opinions to think about. Thanks for reading my story and look forward to you guys input. thanks again, Sam

You know what I do in situations like that? I laugh at the person. They are showing themselves at the jackass they are and it highly amuses me. I also find that many people lose their anger when they are being laughed at by a group of people.

I would not worry, as you really did do the right thing. You avoided a fight and showed yourself to be the mature person. If I were you, I would have stopped the conversation after the first exchange. You tell them you are not interested in talking to an idiot and ignore them. If the person attacks, then there was nothing you could do to stop it.
Had a similar situation to yours, I had to do the same thing and I still have trouble swallowing that one, even after three years. It was the first time I ever walked away from a fight in my life, but it was also the first time I ever had a gun on me when someone was trying to start one with me.

You did the right thing, even though it doesn't feel like it.
You did the right thing, absolutely !

If you had responded it could have gotten ugly if not terminal. Somethings the right thing to do is the hardest thing..
Hey man, you absolutely did the right thing. This clown should have been immediately reported on 911 for disorderly conduct to the local police. The cops take disorderly conduct pretty serious especially someone threatening people in a public family type atmosphere. If and only If he would have physically assaulted you or your family members would there be justification. I don't have to tell you that it would have been a HUGE mess and traumatic for all involved. It may have well cost you ALOT of $$$$$$$$$ also. Stay Cool
I really would like to thank everyone for their advice and support, when I first posted the thread, I wasn't really sure how ya'll would respond. Now that a lot of people have reassuared me, Im feeling a lot better. Thanks for your support. and really love this site. Sam, from Virginia.

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