Trouble at the Movies

where's security?

Damn right you did the right thing but my question would be why didn't someone sitting around you get security?If I was there watching this I would have either A. told that pile of terd to beat it or B. GET SECURITY. Remember what goes around comes around I'll bet he's had is hide tanned a few time and then some

I hate to be redundant...but,as you can see,almost everyone here,to a man,agrees with your action of "non-action". I applauad your action in handling this problem. You trully DID do the right thing here. You handled this a@#hole like a real man. I know it must have hurt you and been hard to do,but IMHO,this is the part about us CCW'ers being "held to a higher standard". Good on you sir! Takecare,Lee
totally did the right thing by not taking it to the next level. like u said there would of been trouble and our job when carrying is to avoid the conflict. your son will understand why one day. maybe and a big maybe u look like a wimp now, but at least ur an alive wimp. never know how those situations will turn out. best of luck to ya budy.
I think you did the right thing. I have always tried to talk my way out of a situation. I don't consider that a life or death situation.
Hi ya'll, heres something that happend to me a few months ago, I still sit and think about it sometimes and finaly im gonna share it with ya'll. I would really like input and opinions, cause like I said I still go over it in my mind. I think I did the rite thing, but for some reason it still makes me feel bad. So heres the story, I took my family to the movies, it was a crowed theater and the previews were still showing. Now my wife, who's recovering from a massive stroke, and has lost most of her vision was sitting beside me, my 15 YR old son was on the pther side of her. there was this guy who had been on his cell phone was really loud and I thought was kinda rude, but thats my opinion. Anyway he decided to leave the theater we were in and go to a different one as I guess his friends were seeing a different movie. As he was leaving the isle, he stumbled on my wifes foot. She said she was sorry, and the man walked away, but he kept staring at my wife. now remember her vision is pretty bad, and she was trying to see the man in the dark. He stared for almost a full minet whitch struck me as odd. So I asked him if there was a problem. He answered me saying to stop my B.... Wife from staring at him. I replyed that she wasn't hurting anything and he should go on about his business. He got angry and Loud, he told me to make him go about his business. I replyed I didn't want any trouble and again to please go about his business. He replyed to me to get up and make him. Now here I am, crowded theater, Iv'e got my 1911 .45 in my shoulder holster cocked and locked. The man wanted me to get up and i felt if I did there would be a fight, and maby a killing. I chose to sit there,let him call me a coward and not get into a fight, I felt it wasn't really worth it, I just wanted to have Family Nite out. Now If i'd gotten up and trouble had started in the theater, someone would have gotten hurt, possibly an inocent bystander. I thought it was better to let him call me a coward and leave than to take a chance and stand up. I know if I'd stood up he would have attacked me, and the theater was the wrong place to defend myself with my gun. I beleive it was the responsible thing I did, but I really looked like a whimp in front of my son. I still feel bad about the whole thing, and would like other opinions to think about. Thanks for reading my story and look forward to you guys input. thanks again, Sam

Some day, your son will see what a manly thing you really did.
That's a tough situation - as are all when someone thinks he is a tough guy. You did the right thing!
You were the bigger man. If your son is confused at all as to why you didnt say anything, simply tell him that just becasue you carry, doesnt mean you take all fights head on. Pick and choose wisely as I was always told...Ive had problems like that before, and Ive yet to stand up and do anything about it. Maybe get a little verbal, but nothing more than that. An armed society is a polite society.
I really would like to thank everyone for their advice and support, when I first posted the thread, I wasn't really sure how ya'll would respond. Now that a lot of people have reassuared me, Im feeling a lot better. Thanks for your support. and really love this site. Sam, from Virginia.

Good Man, you did the right thing and no one got hurt or went to jail. My reply to my son may have been something to the effect that a discharge of a fire arm in a crowded area could have hurt an innocent person. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, my mom use to say that to me and my three brothers growing up. To this day someone could call my mother a whore with army boots and still would not incite me to strike Jackass!!

Where was security? Why didn't some one call for security. Why didn"t you ask someone to call for security??
By definition, you were not a wimp here. You could have blown his head off with ease, so you weren't afraid of the a-hole. I would have made it clear to the guy that if he did not immediately leave you alone you intended to get the cops down there RIGHT NOW.

If he took it even one step further, I would have held my tongue to avoid a deadly encounter and risking your family and the lives of the other folks in the theater. As soon as he left the theater I would have pulled my cell phone and called 911. I would have made SURE the cops came and charged this guy with assault, because that is exactly what he did. The cops would gladly let the guy know how lucky was you didn't drop him in his tracks, and maybe next time he won't be a dick. There is no place in polite society for that kind of behavior.

Right over wrong always receives more respect than strong over strong.
I think I said on another forum: "You absolutely did the right thing!"

I'll say it again; you can be proud of yourself in this situation. You escaped a situation where that could have been a LOT worse.

Believe me when I tell you: "You may feel bad because you think your "Manhood" was attacked and you let yourself down."


The feeling you would have had AFTER killing someone would be a WHOLE LOT WORSE!

Think about this for just a minute:
"IF" you did get into an altercation
you killed that POS who started something
you were ultimately arrested
you spent several days in jail
it costs you 1000's of dollars on an attorney
it took months and months to defend yourself in a "criminal" court room THEN
you had to spend months and months defending yourself in a "civil" court room,

would happen to your wife throughout this long and turmultuous process?
would you be able to give her the proper care?

Heaven forbid!
What if you were found "quilty" of murder because you escalated the situation, INSTEAD of doing what you did?

WHO would care for your wife while you were in prison?

I highly recommend you find a way to: "Let it go" and get on with your life.

Your wife needs your FULL attention!
As long as this keeps bothering "YOU", it will deprive "HER".

You did GREAT! Quit letting this bother you.

There's an old saying I learned as a kid: "It takes MORE of a MAN to walk away from a fight than it does to engage in a fight!"

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