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  • I just read your post about the 10th Amendment and was impressed. May I modify your post and send a letter containing your thoughts to my state legislature? In altering the post I will not change the meaning, but just modify the content about firearms manufacturing, as we do not have any firearms manufacturers in Tennessee.
    Gary Nelson
    [email protected]
    It is a trade off to keep feeding these trolls yet not leaving their rants unanswered and in a sense allowing them to thus "win" the temporal debate. No easy answer on how to deal with such folks, but in many ways better probably better to answer as long as you can stand it. It does become just a waste of time to listen to what they say as well.
    Hello Kelcarry,
    Yes,we do share some opinions and ideas. I understand your concerns and your warnings about Hitler & Germany, and you haven't been off base, you're right on track. It's sad, and dangerous, that more people can't see it coming. Your not alone with your view of this president or the impending crisis, the majority share your concern. Believe me when I say that I understand your anger, just don't make yourself sick over it, because then only they will win and we need you to keep up the good fight.
    No, I never did. I found some generic holsters, but none that I felt were the right fit. Thanks for checking back with me though! :)
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