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PLease post about and rate your optics that you own. Remember that just because it was cost effective(cheap) that does not mean it is not durable or effective. Do not review what you do not own. I am looking for first hand experience as the baseline.

Bushnell 10x42 Mil-dot tactical

Solid construction, fairly clear optics, 40 minutes of travel from center to center. Mil-dot reticule dead on for accuracy in range estimating at 200yds. Parallax set at 200yds from the factory. Fast focus eyepiece. Large easy knobs that are resetable to zero. Tactile/audible clicks during adjustment.

$200.00 when it was new in 2006.

rating 8.5 on a scale of 1-10

Millett 6-25 x 56AO mil-dot

The 6-25 X 56 AO by Millett is a great bargain for the money. The optics are not as good as a high end European scope but they are on par with the likes of Leupold and Pentax.

The adjustable objective effectively eliminates parallax and the fast focus eyepiece is very easy to use.
The mil-dot reticule is not in the primary focus plane and this means that the reticule changes with the power setting. This is easy to compensate for but you have to figure out how to calibrate the reticule to subtend to 1MOA at 100 yards. The easiest way to do this is to paint or print EXACTLY 4 inch by 4 inch squares on an object and then calibrate it to one MOA at exactly 111 yards. This will put you on mark for std range calibration formulas.

The target type knobs are 1/8 inch at 100yds. This is great for fine precision but a little bit slow for tactical work. It also means that you will need 20 MOA cant bases to get you to 1000 yds. But you gan get to 900 just fine with normal bases.

The lifetime warranty is a great plus. The optics are very good for what you get. The 1/8th inch adjustments are great for precision target work. The sunshade works better than any other I've seen and it will put up with moderate abuse. Mine currently lives on top of a bolt action .308!
EOTech 512 - F'ing awesome! Great from ecg(<25yds.) out to 200-300yds. depending on the shooter. This is fast into action and is parallax free. The reticle is always on target, even when out-of-center. It can be used broken; if any glass is left in the hood you can find the reticle, superimpose the dot, and hit your target. The 512 is the AA batt. version and not NV capable.

24/7 tritium big dot - F'ing awesome, too! I like these on sub-compact guns that are designed for self defense at bad breath distance. I recommend them for "baby" Glocks (G26/27), j-frames, SP 101s, and I'm trying to fit them on a Kel-Tec P3AT. Big Dot sights provide a big white dot (duh) in daylight and a tritium dot in low/no light.

My reviews on these sights reflect my views of what a LEGITIMATE self defense gun should be. There are more precise optics available. I shoot long distance also and appreciate the skill required to be a precision marksman. First and foremost, my guns are tools used to defend my family, self, and home. That being said, guns used for defense should have FIXED sights that are RAPID INTO ACTION. That is why I like red dots on carbines and big dot/ tritium sights on defensive pistols. My platoon commander, a Army AND Marine Corps combat vet told that "if you're not quick, you're dead." These sights are quick.

-absolutely my $.02
Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9 for my Savage 110 30-06 hunting rifle. Great scope for the price.
Super Sniper 10x42 on my Savage 10FLP .308 "tack driver" rifle. Excellent glass. Excellent price. Mil-dot reticle, tactical knobs.
Millet DMS-1 1-4 on both my RRA AR15 and my Sig 556 SWAT. Hands down, the most bang for your buck 1-4 power scope for a tactical rifle. Good glass, awesome price, very durable.
Millet Zoom Dot on my AR15 with .22lr upper. Awesome zoom dot, great price, adjustable red dot size from 1-10 moa.
Simmons Aetec 2.8-10x44 on my Model 700
TruGlo 2x 2.5 MOA Red dot on my Hi-Point carbine
Awesome Binoculars

I received a pair of BRUNTON 8x42 Echo binoculars in the mail from "THE THRILL OF THE HUNT SWEEPSTAKES" first place award. Sponsored by Skoal and Copenhagen.

Firstly these are the most expensive Binoculars I have ever owned (MSRP $343.20).
These are extremely well made with emerald coated lenses for maximum light transmission.
I compared them to my "new" Bushnell Permafocus 10x42 binoculars that I just got in January of this year.
The 8 x Brunton binoculars were clearer in my 1/2 mile picket fence test than the Bushnell permafocus.
I was able to see individual slats with both binoculars but only the Brunton optics gave me clear definition on the points on top of the pickets.

The Bushnell Permafocus were faster to use (no focusing required)
The Brunton binoculars were much sharper and clearer with no color distortion at the edges and excellent low light performance. I can't say the same for the Bushnell Permafocus. Both have earned a place in my equipment roster. Both have their merits.
Brunton= extremely clear
Bushnell= extremely fast
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I just bought a Nikon Buckmasters 6-18 with a nikoplex reticle. It is replacing something made by Rex, which did OK, just not the clarity and quality of a Nikon. The EOTech 512 or 516 is on my short list as well. In sniper mode you have the scope and in tactical mode you have the EOTech. Best of both worlds. Both are supposed to hold zero after removing and remounting.
i have a simmons 3x9x50 pro sport on my m-4 and am quite satisfied with it, good optics and a tru-plex cross hair. i have had it for 4yrs. without any problems.:biggrin:
I just put a Pentax Gameseeker 4-12x40 on my Ruger 10/22. Maybe a little overkill for a .22, but it was on clearance! Haven't gotten a chance to shoot it yet, but it sure looks clear. My dad has the 3-9x40 version on his Weatherby .308 and loves it.
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Don't let the low price fool you. This is a rock solid piece of equipment. I have several hundred rounds through my AR-15 with this red dot installed and it has never shifted on me. The 5 MOA dot is a little larger than some of the higher end red dots (like the EoTechs), but it works fine for CQB (<100 yards).

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