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  • I just wanted to say hi,I was in the 2/32,7th ID, from 74-77,my former infantry regiment is now the 1/32,and is serving with the 10th mountain division in Afghanistan,I looked at some of the pics that you posted,and just wanted to say that my so called "assault Weapons" are now safely stored at a childhood friends home in nevada,including an early Barrett .50 cal,an early civilian model CAR 15,and a Russian Dragunov "TIGER" sniper rifle with the original issue scope,thanks to the communist state of California,I can't have them here anymore,but I will never give them up,nice pics Ropadope,thanks for posting them.
    And you, for yours.

    Also, I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Even when there is an apparent disagreement, your posts remain polite and informed. Yours is the kind of participation we need here. Thank you.
    No thank you for reminding us all that Freedom isn't free and that right now we have men and women fighting for that freedom worldwide. Thank you for your service.
    "What SWAT Team ? What load did you carry in the .45 ACP platform ? and what platform was being used ? Did you not use a sub gun or short AR15 as your primary entry weapon ??

    "98% of the time" How many live engagements did you and or your SWAT team encounter ?? Sounds like you had one hell of a LE career.

    In Miamisburg Ohio ??"

    LOVE this response, Man! One can only wonder what kind of a world a guy like this lives in!
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