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New to the forum. Hoping to learn a lot.

Peggy Reist

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Anybody know how to post a pic??

There may be other ways to do it, I'm not sure. But I click on "Go Advanced" next to "Post Quick Reply". Then click on "Manage Attachments" down toward the bottom of the page. From there you can upload files and they will automatically show in the reply. I'm sure you can also upload the files to use later if you're not replying or posting.
I'm also sure if there's an easier way to do it, someone will mention it.


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New member from Maine. Love Caring my smith&Wesson m&p 40. oorah and semper fi.

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Hey all, 20+ years handling weapons a few times a year at work, new to personal ownership this past year. I've recently become civilian and have wanted firearms for years. Wife was game so now have two 9mm's and two .40's. Looking forward to some good discussion and learning some tips and tricks.
Hello everyone I am new to the site and just wanted to do an intro of myself. I am a NRA Instructor for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun as well as the personal protection on the home and personal protection outside the home. Looking forward to alot of good stuff from being a member here.


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Being I'm still a newbie to this site I say hi to all newer than myself. So far I enjoy reading thru these threads, very interesting.

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