MJ News Coverage Overkill?


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Is anyone else sick of the national media pukes covering Michael Jackson's dead plastic @$$ like he's the only "news" on the planet that people care to hear about?

Sure, I understand the troubled "king of pop" only dies once - so it's kind of a big deal. But dang! He's dead already! Bury him and get on with life and significant issues that impact the living.

I completely agree with the families of our war dead that are outraged by the over-the-top coverage of MJ when those who gave their lives for our liberties are barely a blurb at the regional or local news level. Of course, I'm also in the camp that refuses to understand how people who can barely speak English, and have no skills apart from playing with a ball, make so much money playing with said ball.... maybe I'm the one who is being 'un-American' here?

I don't know... maybe all the posthumous MJ record sales will finally stimulate the economy... :pleasantry:

Even worse....

I'm with you, AZSATT.

The thing that I really don't get is that everyone is so torn up about the death of a man who was, at the very least, highly inappropriate with young boys. Regardless of whether one believes the accusations of pedophilia, he admitted during his BBC interview that he and his young guests slept together in the same bed, but that "nothing happened".

It is the same reason that I choose not to watch Woody Allen movies. How does one marry what is basically his own adopted daughter and still get a pass? If that were a pastor or conservative politician, he would be flayed alive. However, being a super liberal filmmaker (and I LIKE his films!) is enough to make everyone forget.

One of the greatest filmmakers of our time, Roman Polanski, is also a HUGE scumbag. Do I miss watching his films? Yes. Is he a child rapists who doesn't deserve a single penny of my money? Also, yes.

When did "right" become relative? :cray:
I believe Michael Jackson to be a child molester that, because of his money, got away with it. The media is sending the wrong message with their coverage making him out to be a hero. I guess he'll be truly judged where he's at now.
This just in...

Michael Jackson is still dead...
Quotes from the chimp and pony at Neverland..."thank God and Never again"
The coverage was over board & highly disproportionate to issues we all are currently facing.

It makes me sick.
I haven't watched any news for days since all they cover is this crap about him! The bad thing about it is it won't be over for months. All you'll hear now is about court cases and all the in fighting over his money, property and kids! A lot of people need to get a frigging life!

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