IYO, best handgun for about $400...


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Going to a gun show soon, hoping to find a deal.

Would love an XD 40 or XD 45, but they're probably a little too expensive. Good, cheaper alternatives?


I think in that price range you're looking at some compact pistols. Kel-Tec and the Ruger LCP are below $400 and are great guns (IMO). For a full size you're looking at possibility a Rock Island 1911.

You may be able to haggle down to that on a used Glock...

If you're dead set on your budget at $400 those are my recommendations. You can go to Auction Arms and use the advanced search feature Auction Arms - Advanced Search and enter a price range.

I know this isn't what you asked but really if you want an XD you should just save up another $150 and buy one either online (for about $495 including shipping) add another $50 (lower if you shop around) for the FFL (gun store) to do the transfer. Here are some decent deals on XD's and a reliable firearm is worth the $

If this is for defensive purposes buy a gun you want. Trust me it sucks to buy a gun within your budget RIGHT NOW as opposed to waiting for the one you want in 1 or 2 months....think about it...

My $0.02
I see used Glock's going for $400 all the time. Some of them have barely anything through them. If you can find one that is... They seem to sell really quickly at the price, especially if they are in "like new" condition. IMO it is the best all purpose semi-auto handgun... ready for war right out of the box!

Other sites to check out are;

The "eBay" of guns... Guns - Online Gun Auction - Guns at GunBroker.com

Also check out... GunsAmerica - Guns For Sale & Gun Auctions B"H
If you are thinking about a gun to protect you or loved one then my advice is get the very best gun you can possibly get. Not the cheapest one you can. I am not trying to judge your circumstance as I do not know what it is. I have observed in talking to a lot of people including CHL students that often those that do not want to spend the extra money to get a quality firearm have no problem with buying a 50 inch t.v. a 30 thousand dollar car or the most expensive and newest electronic gadget.
Any Bersa is worth looking at. They're not just top-of-the-line quality, but they are a fine (fine, dandy...not fine, O.K.) pistol. You can get a .45 for less than $500 and their .380 runs around $280-$330.

If you're more into brand than value, the Taurus PT145 is a fantastic gun as well.

Personally, I'm not a fan of a Glock, so I can't recommend that or an XD. Personal preference, nothing indicative of the guns.

I think you can get a Beretta PX4 for around $400, as well.
Ruger P95 9mm and P345 .45 pistols can be had for around $400. I found plenty in stock at Bud's Guns, or you could try Gunbroker (both online). These are very sturdy, reliable guns and they are made in America.
I see used Glock's going for $400 all the time. [/url]

Must be nice! Gun shops in my area sell close to $510 for USED Glocks. I don't know how they get away with it but they do, and all shops are about that price range.

I should add that i've read if you join Glock Shooting Sports Foundation you're eligible to purcahse a Glock at LE AGENCY price ($398) its $35 to join GSSF.

Maybe Glock Fan will know more about this, he seems to be quite knowledgeable on the subject of anything Glock!

The Stoegar Cougar is another pistol that comes in that price range. It is the same gun as the Beretta Cougar.
It is made in Turkey on Beretta machinery. Reviews on it have been great .
+2 for Bersa. Paid <$270 for my Bersa 380CC, super accurate, very pleasant to shoot.

Also look at Kahr CW9, they are priced at $420 (new). I have a PM9 which is my primary carry, it has very very smooth trigger.. CW9 shares the same trigger. BTW, Kahr is a joy to conceal carry, try handle one and you'll know what I mean.

Good luck shopping.
I've recently looked at S&W J frames in the 400-450 range, and I considered getting a Taurus Judge for fits and shiggles.

Like has been said it depends on what you want it for. I'm in agreement with pretty much everyone that if it's for carry or personal defense price shouldn't really be an issue, get what you want and feel comfortable with. (Hard to stick to that with the economy)

A S&W Airweight 642 is a little over 400 new and makes a great pocket gun. The S&W Sigma is pretty impressive for the price.
The Stoegar Cougar is another pistol that comes in that price range. It is the same gun as the Beretta Cougar.
It is made in Turkey on Beretta machinery. Reviews on it have been great .
x2 on the stoeger cougar. i got one in the .40 cal and love it.
I agree with the advice (e.g., ClearSightTactical) that says: save up to buy what you really want. FYI, I carry an XD .45 and really do like the weapon. I think if you buy "on the cheap", you're only going to turn around later and buy what you want, and then be out that much more. I'm not saying that any of the handguns listed are cheap, just that you seem to know what you want and don't have the money right now to buy it. My .02 cents
The Stoegar Cougar is another pistol that comes in that price range. It is the same gun as the Beretta Cougar.
It is made in Turkey on Beretta machinery. Reviews on it have been great .

I have a stoger cougar .40 S&W. They are a nice pistol, never a failure of any kind.
Also my wife likes to shoot it (not the nasty muzzle flip of my xdm .40)

I almost traded my xdm for a Beretta cougar compact version (nib) this weekend, but it was the double action only version & had no night sights.

I don't think you can go wrong with a cougar.

what ever you buy if it is for self protection i would get night sights.
Best Gun...

yeah, I don't think very much of spending anywhere close to 400 for a gun. I have my beloved Makarov 9x18, and now a Kel-Tec P3AT. That's not to say that I wouldn't dearly love to have a SA EMP, or Kimber Ultra Carry II, but there are just TOO MANY excellent weapons out there for under 300. You can still find a nice Makarov (which is my daily carry) for about 250.
Go with a Glock...cheaper and will never fail. All the xd's is see are overpriced. Saw many Glocks at the Tulsa gun show from $425-550 new in box. Or just get a used one, can't go wrong with Glock.

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