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  • Glad to be a part of the group. Am a member of the Vets and Guns group already. Still trying to find my way around and not create too many blunders. Have read all the FAQ's, rules etc, but moving around on the site still seems awkward to me! Don't know whether a profile or some sort is needed here, or is the one in the V & G group can be seen by all. I'm sure someone will point me in the right direction if there becomes an error in my ways. Am a lover of guns, a zealot on our constitution and the second amendment and wish everyone I personally know, would have my same feelings! However, in this great country they too are entitled to their own feelings. Well enough of my babbling----an area giving me trouble right now is holsters. Hopefully, through contacts and discussion some good solutions will come about.
    The Virginian
    Welcome and glad to have you. Enjoy the site.
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