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I have a question similar to one previously asked.
I recently (this week) started riding a motorcycle and I was wondering what would be a good choice for a holster.I am not sure if I want to go the vest route,though I might.
Any tips or ideas?

I have a question similar to one previously asked.
I recently (this week) started riding a motorcycle and I was wondering what would be a good choice for a holster.I am not sure if I want to go the vest route,though I might.
Any tips or ideas?

I've carried my Kimber on my sportbike in a Comp-tec IWB holster. The trick is to tuck part of your shirt into the clip to keep it from blowing up.

I also just picked up a P3AT and that works great whe riding. I carry it in a holster in my pocket. This is my primary carry method when we go out riding now.

And congrats on the bike!
Pocket Carry

I agree with the above poster that pocket carry is great for bikes.

A J Frame snubby .38 can be carried in almost any pocket including the inside pocket of your jacket.

I sometimes carry a full sized 1911 on the hip when wearing a long jacket.

Tried the shoulder holster route for bikes and it works just fine until the moment comes when you need to take off your jacket.

Have fun on that bike and be sure to watch those intersections in town.

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Congrats on the bike. I'm going to try (as soon as it quits raining) to use my IWB with my Glock 23. I like to wear a vest but I think that it's a little too short. It works great with a jacket as long as it's open while standing. both the vest and Jacket are a little short.
I've been riding 28 years now and Carried for 10 or so. I carried my G27 on a belt clip/appendix. I have carried my G19 and even a 1911 4:00 IWB with the "tucked shirt" method.

If you wear a riding jacket it should have a zippered pocket inside mid chest that will allow for a quicker draw than pocket carry and most crashes will land you on your back. You don't want to fall on your firearm. I tried pocket carry but, you have no access to your gun, and since I was involved in an attempted bike jacking it's really all about getting to the gun for me.
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Congrats on puttin your hiney in the saddle for some two wheel fun..I agree with most above, pocket carry is very dooable but access is vital..and then there will be times when you will have to lock your gun up on your bike somewhere as I am sure some of your riding pals will want to visit a pub along the way..if you have a lockable trunk that work, if you can do it "discretely"..I just recently purchased a bike gun holster ( Link Removed ) and so far it works..not sure if they can make them for any bike but worth a look anyway.
I to have been riding for some time. I carry me KEL-TEC in my pants pocket or my kimber in the Comp-tec Holster. Keep your shirt tuck or I wear a leather vest to keep the shirt down.
Well then I guess you all should know I got a new baby. 08 road king I think a 50 cal should mount on the bars. G27 with belt clip or Keltecs .It has lockable bags hard plastic for storing gun if have to. Been years waiting for kids to grow up now I can Ride again. FLHR Rides like a cloud.
That bike holster system is pretty neat, but I wouldn't want to get caught on wet roads or in nasty weather with it. I prefer a Blackhawk CQC Serpa holster OWB with my mesh jacket over it. I'm currently looking into a concealed carry vest as well. I like the CQC because it locks the pistol in place, so there's less chance of it working it's way out. My Galco Royal Guard IWB works well also, but I keep checking every few minutes to make sure the gun is secure. It always is, but I keep imagining my expensive Sig sliding down the highway at 70. Also, sometimes I just keep it in my tank bag.
Congratulations on the New Bikes, both to Brainchild and kwo51!! I've got almost 14,000 miles on my '05 FLSTCI Harley Heritage but Zero miles on a Carry Permit. I live in New Jersey :whatever:

I have thought about this problem, however, in anticipation of one day waking up from this nightmare and finding I actually do live in America after all. I'd considered a shoulder holster - the most logical answer in my opinion. Also, my jacket is Harley and has a "gun pocket" in the left breast panel, just inside the front zipper . . . a snap-closure pocket big enough for a small revolver or automatic and built right into the jacket. It'd easily hold a J-Frame .38/.357 and proably hold a small Glock or similarly sized auto. My experiments have shown that you can ride comfortably with your firearm in that pocket, zipper partway down and pocket unsnapped, with no concerns of suffering "fallout".

Ride safe, both of you. Many Safe and Happy miles. See you on the road.
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I like the idea of a bike mounted system, but I don't like the idea of it being out in the open like that. Of the 25,000 miles I have on my 04' 1200 XLC I think about a third of them have been in the rain. (It always seem to rain on the way home.) I don't know if I would like all of that road grime around my weapon. I also don't like the idea of leaving it out in the open when I'm not near it. I'd be too worried about someone trying to steal it while I was away. That company is on the right track but I'd feel more secure if their system was able to be colcealed like mounted to the inside of a saddle bag.
So I'm warming up to the idea of using the holster in my jacket. On the way home tonight it was a bit chilly so I put the chaps on over my IWB I realized that this completely makes my firearm in-accessable. the chaps covered up my shirt so in the event that I would hane to draw. I wouldn't be able due to the jacket and chaps covering the shirt. I'm going to start using the jacket. atleast till it's too hot fot it, then I'll have to come up with a new system.
Hay I found a holster shirt for 39 dollors made by 5-11 that works well with comander size guns and smaller ,holster size pockets on both sides.
I found something that works

I bought this concealed carry t-shirt from sportsman's guide.
I got the one for a large pistol,right-hand draw.I wore it while riding the motorcycle with jacket and shirt open a bit(it wasn't cold) and it worked pretty good.
I also ordered this concealed carry jacket.
For when it is cold.It hasn't come in,yet,and it probably won't get cold enough to wear it until about Septmber,but I'l have it then.
I'd love to get one of their Conceal and cover vests but I can't justify payinf $200.00 for a vest when the last one I bought was $10.00.
The only way I've found I can carry (I always wear proper riding gear, a full leather suit) is a shoulder holster. The only other option might be a pocket holster in the inside pocket of the suit.
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In my post above, the bike holster I put on is, for me, only a way for me to secure my weapon when I can not carry into a weapon will never ride in that holster, it rides with me, on me.

After over 46 yrs in the saddle myself, trust me, I have my share of miles in the rain and have never had my weapon exposed to the elements.

I will post today pictures I took of this bike holster down in the Arkansas section for those who would like to see.

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