another motorcycle question

I found the 5 /11 holster shirt to be the most comfortable under shirt.

I carry a glock 27 in mine with spare mag on other side. I would carry 1911 but can not stand the thought of it getting road rash.Next is to get my shirts with snaps not bottons. When tshtf buttons don't matter however.
I ride at least 30k annually and carry most of the time (as reciprocity allows).
Never carry in your pants pocket or belted iwb/owb/sob. If you fall that firearm is going to be ground into your hip or worse. Jacket carry works if you can keep it in front and near arms. Fanny pack type carry is also good, carried in front.
Had accident and was CC

Just wanted to give you a personal experience of riding while concealed.

So I carry IWB a Springfield XD 40. Last summer i was riding my R6 on I-5 (major road with lots of traffic) and went around a corner a little to fast. Ended up going down and sliding down the pavement. I was wearing a full riding outfit (helmet, coat, pants, boots) with padding, and such. I was able to stand up and walk away with just a bruised knee, and sore hand. Bike is still good by some sorta luck. The point to the story is that after i moved my bike a good samaritan that had stopped to assit me found my gun on the road and gave it back to me. I never realized that it was missing and most likely because of shock as i was concerned for for my health and bike. When the state patrol came the guy told them i had a gun so they disarmed me, checked records and i was able to continue riding after getting my ticket...
I think that would be my biggest concern, gun comming out of concealment and laying out in the open somewhere. What if you were hauled off to the hospital and then later realized that your gun was missing. Lots of legal ramifications I would think. What if someone found your gun? What if you or someone searching doesnt find your gun etc...but as I have said before, when you ride, you assume ALL the risks involved with riding.
Been carring my g27 with belt clip on the inside of my right boot . The pistol is at the top of the right side of the boot where it can be drawn while riding. P 32 in pocket for new york reload.

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