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    Random Picture Thread

    Post a picture you have taken. Nothing particular, hence the name "random."
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    Choosing a new Safe

    Wife and I will be buying a house in a year or so. First big purchase will be a big, heavy, safe. Right now we live in a 3 story apartment, on the top floor. I do have a locking metal "security cabinet." :rolleyes:Due to weight and space allowable, that's it. Gives my wife peace of mind, that...
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    Santorum suspends race

    Don't have the link, in my phone right now. FYI.....
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    Bought a Mosin today

    1934 hex receiver, not sure of factory
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    mall ninja

    Read this, don't drink in front of your computer though.
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    Thoughs on .410 for Skeet/Trap

    Going to be introducing my wife to shooting in the next few days. She is a very petite lady, her first shooting experience will be with a .22 rifle. Having said this she wants to learn to shoot trap/skeet. I believe the only comfortable gauge for her would be .410. Don't know without a doubt yet...
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    I've been reading up on it, thinking about refinishing my park. 1911. Make it a two tone, brushed stainless frame, and matte black slide. Anyone have any experience with this product?
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    Talking deer...

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    .270 or .308

    Looking at getting a new rifle, in between a .270 and .308. I like the .308 rounds, all my hunting buddies use .270. It would be a whitetail rifle, and paper puncher when I find the space. Mossberg atr has both at buds for $270.00. Thoughts? Experiences on the rounds?
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    What's your occupation?

    I used to be a commercial/industrial electrican apprentice, no money as work became scarce. I'm now a river rat decking barges, Mississippi river, Illinois waterway, and the Ohio river. Husband to a beautiful woman, and father to a 17 mo old baby girl. Gone 28 days and home 14 days.
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    Hope everyone is fine after the twisters

    To all the Ky folk, hope you and your families are safe. Prayers and best wishes to those affected.
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    Mosin Nagant

    Thinking about buying one to plink around with, maybe use to hunt some whitetails. Anyone own one? Pros and cons on them?
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    What's your biggest pet peeves?

    As a gun owner what are your biggest pet peeves? What bugs you at the range, about the way other people operate?
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    Flying and Transportation of Firearms.

    . Gotcha fine on that.
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    Flying and Transportation of Firearms.

    Has anyone had any experiences flying with firearms. I understand the TSAs rules. Understand the rules of the desired location. Just wondering how much of a pain it is, if it's safe for your firearms. Etc....