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    The Case for Eternal Punishment

    Moreover, his degree is in only one of the 100+ versions of the bible, and he doesn't say which one. But I'll bet it is the one version that allows people to eat shellfish but doesn't allow homosexuals to get married. What a bunch cartoon characters.
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    America is a Christian Nation

    Some questions are so straight forward that a believers failure to answer them is evidence that they don't really believe the stuff they spew. Do you believe that your gods determine the moment of your death? If so, then why are you carrying a self-defense weapon? Do you think that you can...
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    Should people be required to know concealed carry laws before getting a permit?

    What do think? Should a person who gets a concealed carry permit be expected to know the laws applicable to possession of a concealed carry weapon? And if caught intentionally breaking a concealed carry law, what should be the punishment? And by intentional, we simply mean they were knowingly...
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    Would you shoot down a drone over your back yard?

    Read more: Link Removed As dumb as it is to discharge a firearm in a populated area unless facing a threat of physical harm, I'm going to give this guy a break on the assumption that it is possible he has a cousin and brother-in-law (just one person, not two) who was captured by aliens and had...
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    I can post a new thread

    Just checking if there is a glitch in new thread posting as reported by ringo. Apparently not.
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    Alabama Flag Company Begins Confederate Flag Production In-Store, Over 1,000 Sold on

    Repeating your lies won't make them true. I've already posted the specific sections from the The Declaration of Causes of Seceding States all of which specify that preserving slavery and the failure of the non-slave states to recognize the bigots "property" when they escaped into a non-slave...
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    Alabama Flag Company Begins Confederate Flag Production In-Store, Over 1,000 Sold on

    Link RemovedScenes From The KKK Confederate Flag Rally In South Carolina You can fool all the bigots all the time, but you can't fool the rest of us with your flag of hate. Link Removed
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    The anti's never quit!!! left out this part: "if it is determined they are unable to manage their own affairs..." What, you want to give firearms and an unlimited supply of ammo to people so devoid of cognitive abilities that someone else has to manage their daily affairs? No wonder so many anti's think the...
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    First Cousins, OK - Gay? No Way!

    Why am I not surprised that these people didn't resigned when they had to give out marriage licenses to first cousins? Entire Staff in Tenn. County Clerk’s Office Resigns Rather than Issue Gay Marriage Licenses Maybe its because they haven't read this websie yet: Link Removed
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    Alabama Flag Company Begins Confederate Flag Production In-Store, Over 1,000 Sold on

    I'll admit that not everyone who sees a traitor loser waving the confederate flag thinks of racism. Link Removed
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    Alabama Flag Company Begins Confederate Flag Production In-Store, Over 1,000 Sold on

    Your post indicates that you want to ignore the historical documents - read the “Declarations of Causes" - they were all about slavery and nothing else. Of course, the authors of those documents could have no good lying scoundrels not worthy of belief. Is that why you don't want to believe...
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    Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality

    Something for all those who claim to know what their god will judge: Link Removed
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    Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality

    Here is a photo of the heterosexuals married couples waiting in line outside the Bexar County, Texas District Clerk's Office to get their divorce papers now that gays can get married and their marriages have been destroyed: Link Removed
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    FOID application denied

    That is a poor example to support your position. The problem in that case was not the SAFE Act - it was the hospital that "discharged [him] with a diagnosis of “depression, insomnia” and then returned a short time later for a 48-hour stay. The lawsuit says that during that visit, staff...
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    Blaming the gun, within 24 hours, as usual

    What's the difference between the people with a SC concealed firearms permit and the people without one in this photo of a SC DMV office? Link Removed Nothing! because none of them are allowed to be armed while in a government office. How about the people in this south Carolina bar? Same...