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    need not want a 1911

    I recently fired my first 1911. It was an auto ordinance and it was great but I'm not ready to "settle" for the first one I shot. I was thinking my "ideal" 1911 would be a sa/da with a decocker instead of a thumb safety. The grip safety would be nice but so would adjustable sights. The price...
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    Remington Model 512

    Ok so I have a model 512 made in 1951 or 1929 but pretty sure '51 (according to letter code on barrel) either way this rifle is not a valuable collectible piece but more of a sentimental piece. Now the issue, when I go to fire it every now and than (every GREAT now and then) the bolt comes all...
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    IWB Holster? for use w/o Undershirt?

    I will not down the crossbreed because I havent tried it, but for less money, and I love mine, is the Kholster. Link Removed I love it and have been using it for almost 2 years now, I normally wear an undershirt but have gone with out. I carry SW99 40S&W in one and my wife carries S&W jframe...
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    Wally world walk

    J-Frame 38 spl +P with CT grips - $600 1 box ammo - $18 1 Kholster - $49 1 GWL - $40 (at that time) converting a "good girl" who was raised guns are bad, you dont touch them, you will be scared of all guns and Knowing my wife REALLY has my back if the stinky stuff hits the Prop - Priceless...
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    A site I just found

    Hey all I just found a site that sales firearms and accessories to LE's military and such at what I believe to be a great price. I was referred to this site by S&W after finding out they no longer do the 40% for military and LE's. I have not ordered from them but I will sure be keeping them in...
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    Floriduh law

    Ok I just had a much bigger post hacked out and internet crashed before I could save or submit. So I am making a trip to FL soon I have a valid permit that is good in FL I read through the laws I could find. I found FL statue 790.06 para. 12 and the off limit places it list. I didnt find...
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    I don't get it

    Again that's how YOU feel. why are you so against others exercising their right? I have heard of more crime being deterred from open carry rather than concealed. Also I have had many many more GOOD encounters with the uneducated while OC then I have while CC meaning they ask me about my firearm...
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    New SnapSafe

    Hi all, I am currently looking at a new gun safe. Being military I always think about how easy something is to move prior to purchase. I have came across a gun safe that claims to be fire protected and claims extreme durability. The brand is Snapsafe. It is delivered to your home in a few flat...
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    MT laws, questions and understandings

    Ok So I am getting ready to make my trip to MT and after about 4 months of planning and reading of the laws I think I have them down pretty well. Permit required for CC inside city limits and logging camps, no permit for OC. (i have a valid permit) 1. No CC in a room where alcohol is sold...
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    Mall in Centerville, GA

    Ok so the day starts out normal and I am OCing today. We go to target and then to the mall. We enter the mall through sears and stop by the portrait studio to check on pictures. The manager of the studio is helping us and says it's a good thing I have my gun because my children are so beautiful...
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    Quick Confirmation on CC in Georgia

    Ok you are looking at the correct law but, maybe I am reading to much into it, but you have to be elgible for a license under 16-11-129 which states you must live in GA or be military. If your not elgible for a license under 16-11-129 then the pistol must be in full view which meanse can not be...
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    CC In Applebees

    On top of that you should also check individual state websites TN is a great example of why the law says you can carry in restaraunts that serve alcohol but the judicial system says you can't.
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    I finally did it!

    so I have been teetering on OC outside of my neighborhood and shooting range for awhile now. Well I spent yesterday in Macon, GA and decided to just tuck in my shirt and let it hangout. I have to say it felt great and I know it might be hard to believe but I didn't cause mass panic there was no...
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    Montana laws?

    Ok I tried posting my question under the Montana cat. but it seems no one looks at those or no one knows the answer so here goes. I will be taveling to MT this summer and the only laws I have been able to find concerning carring of a firearm only deal with conceal carry. Basicly 2 places are off...
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    Coming to Big Sky Country

    Yup I'm that guy that will be visiting Y'all up there this summer paticularly Helena to see my mom and sister. I have a valid carry permit that is accepted in MT and have been trying to understand some of the laws. I have read that you cant CC in a bank or similar building or state federal...