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    TSA now offers a good guy card!

    My city owns one of the first airports to implement this? Never would have believed that
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    Anonymous Response to Obama's Gun Control Policy

    The lines are being drawn in the sand
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    Burlington, VT - Fixing Stuff That Isn't Broke

    “How many semi-automatic rifles have been shot in the city of Burlington with people injured? None,” said Bob Reid. “How many large capacity magazines were used in those rifles? None.”
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    what Feinstein is bringing to the table

    Sorry I cannot link from my phone but copy and paste will work. This is what Senator Feinstein plans to introduce when the Senate reconvenes next month
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    Help with a decision

    I am posting because a friend came to me and, not having her specific needs, I don't have an answer for her. She has rheumatoid arthritis and has issues with hand strength and grip. She wants a good CC pistol or revolver that is reliable, packs a decent punch, is comfortable while carrying...
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    Liquor Store Shooting in Indy

    Based on the available facts thus far, looks like someone may be in a bit of trouble. The funny thing is that I just drove by there and they're not only open, they're busy.
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    NYC Police Shooting

    I've never heard of a "slow speed pursuit" before. Not quite a traditional "LEO Encounter" post but looks like a clean shoot for NYC since no innocent bystanders were hit and they showed a good restraint with their escalation of force...been far too long since I've heard of something good...
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    Pick em out and knock em out

    20 incidents? Seriously? Compared to how many single punches that have been thrown? If its 20 deaths out of 200,000 single punches thrown, that's pretty good odds. Hell, me personally, I've seen probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 sucker punches thrown in bars around the world...
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    Problem with my Taurus 850 Series .38

    I couldn't find a specific forum that dealt with this. I took my Taurus 850 .38 Special to the range Saturday. After about 25-30 rounds, once the cylinder heated up, the trigger pull became very difficult. It seemed as if the expansion from the heat was making the rear of the cylinder drag...
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    Post some cool pics you've taken

    I want your yard
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    Finally did its!

    Nope! The only clean beaches I've seen were outside the US in the Cayman islands and Mexico
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    Finally did its!

    I finally got off my ass and mailed in my application, with all supporting documentation, to the Florida Department of Agriculture for my non-resident Florida CCL! It was nearly a year ago when I took the required handgun safety course. I just haven't done anything with it because I live in...
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    Michelle Bachmann Now Holds Dual Citizenship - What The...??

    Fair enough...I misread. FYI, your use of the words vitriolic and vituperative just made you come off as a pompous, arrogant ass
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    Interesting or sick...can't decide which
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    More ammo for the AG agenda >:(

    The link is's my phone that won't turn it into a clickable one. Stop being lazy and learn how to copy and paste...not that difficult