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    how many fly for vacation/visits?

    i live in the southeast. i wont fly anywhere. i have a brother in cal. i wont go there. a brother in minn. wont go there because i have to pss thru ill. inlaws in n.y. forget it. from fla to ohio or indiana...ok but no fly. im not going anywhere that is anti gun and im not going thru body scans...
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    vermont fishing

    does vermont have good fishing lakes? i'd like to go there ,fishing and camping with my sidearm.
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    hb17 pased senate

    i see, the nc senate passed the hb17 yesterday, 3/26/13. does anyone know if the governor will sign it? this bill removes cc pemit holders from public disclosure.
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    educating the criminals

    seems to me, since around 1986 when states began issuing carry permits that; the criminals would begin to learn not all of us are sheep for the sheering, i read somewhere that on average, 2 million crimes are stoped each year by armed citizens. yet every day, if you look, the crimes keep...
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    ammo store news

    i have a freind who owns an ammo store. he said march 18th is a date the ammo company;s are going to release alot of ammo. they have ben holding it back to stop the hoarders. he gets his info from the distributors and the mfgs. he said after that date, we will be swimming in .22 ammo and many...
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    the finger pointing begins

    as i am writing this, obama is talking on t.v......11;45 am he has already pointed the finger squarely at republicans for allowing the sequestor to take place. am i surprized? no. and in the comming weeks and months, he will be pointing out each cut, blow by blow. and none of this is the...
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    help me get over it

    or mabey i shouldnt. ive owned several semi auto guns. mostly hand guns. ive never owned or borrowed one that didnt jam or fail to fire. some were better than others but, they all have sinned. i own and carry 2 different revolvers and ive never had a jam or miss fire from either one. ive never...
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    when does the show start?

    when do all these new anti gun bills hit the floor? the feinstien bill, the biden bill or what ever they are called. im gonna folow it from start to finish if, i can find the date. or mabey if were lucky, the demorats will chicken out and not bring them to the show and tell. i like watching all...
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    how many guns are enough?

    evrybody has a wishlist but, how many guns ar enough. i have at least one gun for most occasions. small game/target, home defense and clay birds, high powered riffle for big game and concealed carry handgun. my point is: if any registration bills are passed, im never going to buy another gun. i...
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    how to cope with ammo shortages

    well, .22s are in short supply so, i go to the skeet range. not a problem with shot gun shells. also im not out of anything. 2 bricks of 22s. but i wont shoot em till things quiet down. 22 magnums are east to get. i keep a minimum of 500. a mosin nagant is almost as cheap as a 22 to shoot. .38s...
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    bare minimum

    i only shoot what i can buy above my bare minimum. ex. i keep 1,000 rounds of .22s when i get down to that, i dont shoot the 22s. if i find a brick or 2 ill shoot them. same goes for all my guns, im never out of anything. when shotages hit i just slow down on the shootin. and i only buy what im...
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    must notify question

    i live in a must notify state. if i am traveling thru another state that recognizes my cc permit, do i need to notify leo's in that state, regardless if they have a must notify law or not? my permit states that i must notify any leo. is that any leo in my state, or any leo anywhere?
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    you get what you settle for

    drop out of school and work for mc donalds, vote for obama and get communism. look the other way while liberals steal your rights and get your rights walked on well it dont matter since i dont own an assault riffle and you loose all gun rights eventualy, oh well what can you do? and you get...
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    exelent leo encounter

    in n.c. we have drivers license check points. i went thru one last night. we also have; must notify laws for cc. i turned the dome light on, both hands on the wheel, stated that i had a cc and a gun. the leo simply said, thats ok dont worry about it i just need to see your drivers license. go...
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    throw them a bone?

    after reading all the dumb remarks about those nasty assault riffles and super sized (clips), im thinking the rino's will probably throw the anti's a bone and make more laws against hi cap mags.(clips) since we all know the anti's like to do the same thing over and over, maby those who own those...