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    the coming attack

    I dont know if anyone has seen this, take it with a grain of salt. But its still food for thought even if its conspirators style .
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    A simple message.

    Thank you to all of you who have served, on here or are currently serving. And to those who served in the past who gave all, so that I may enjoy the freedoms I love so dearly. Thank You.
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    crossbreed holsters

    I have been shopping for a new iwb holster for my Kimber compact stainless, and was curious if anyone has their supertuck. Any opinions on them and any suggestions. Thank you.
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    Wild Boar Hunting.

    I want to try wild boar hunting, anyone have any experience with it? Any suggestions and information on places or weapons of choice. Thank you in advance.
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    Did the Marine deserve to be discharged?

    Just wanted to get folks opinions, on weather or not you feel the Marine who posted comments on Obama warranted a discharge.
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    Your first memory of shooting as a kid.

    I figured that many if not all of us here,have a really special memory of our first time shooting. It might be with your grandad or dad or anyone really. Mine was with my dad who has passed away recently and I was 5 with his 12ga over under with him holding me and POW!! Lol I shot an old birds...
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    Glock 1911?

    I've seen a few pictures on the web, and read some sites...some say the picture is fake. I figured I would just throw this out there for comments to the 1911 lovers like myself and the Glock folks too. Will glock ever make a 1911 or have they and were those photos leaked and they are keeping it...
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    Bump Fire Stock AR15

    I was just wondering if anyone else has one for their AR. I picked one up at a recent gun show and I love it, really fun to hear anyones experiences. !
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    Proof that CCW works to save lives.

    This was a local story that happened, I'm glad to see they show these!! Link Removed
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    Ed Brown 1911

    This is more of just a personal statement, but I welcome any personal experiences you've had with these handguns. So as many of you know, and some don't I am a big 1911 fan, so I finally decided to drop the cash on a very well made .45 1911. I bought an Ed Brown Kobra Carry SS. The gun is just...
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    first muzzleloader

    I am going to try out deer hunting this season with something I have never done before. I would like some opinions and or ideas on what would be a good beginners gun. Now I am very experienced in rifles and shotguns and handguns but never muzzleloaders. I have looked at a few but this is where...
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    What would God carry?

    Now I know this is a silly question, and we know God doesn't need a gun. But I figured I would try something different and see what we in this forum think God would carry of he actually wanted to.?
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    glock 21

    I am buying my first glock and it's a model 21 .45 now before I go get it this weekend I want to know if anyone has this gun and any pros/cons or opinions thank you in advance.
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    S&W 1911 E Series SC

    I find its a really great carry gun with a 4inch barrel and the bobtail grip for low printing. The. .45 has the punch and the gun looks great and super accurate.
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    Personal Defense Ammunition

    I was looking for a few opinions on very high quality ammo for defense and who makes the best no matter the cost. I own a Springfield Xd .45 Compact. Thanks for the opinions.