Why Open Carry is a bad Strategy


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Where do you live, Mayberry Lane?

In my area, police even wait for helicopter backup prior to contacting suspects!

And that has nothing to do with the lone victim, who is dead meat if he/she doesn't know the rules of street fighting!

But again, it's your choice.

I am indifferent as to whether you survive or not!

You're not my student, so do what you want!

If everyone open carries, my students all get a bigger advantage, the element of surprise, because the BG's will assume they are unarmed!

Great for us.


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Troll alert. Yeah, you are right. Usually when a question is asked of a person and he refuses to answer it, it usually indicates a troll. I'm for either but I almost always cc. If open carry was as bad as some indicate however, uniformed cops wouldn't do it.
Kind of like people who say guns are ineffective for self defense. If that were the case, cops wouldn't carry guns.


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Open Carry has many fans, but when it comes down to a firefight, it will fail you.

When you Open Carry, you are signaling the world that you are prepared for a fight, even if you are just bluffing!

Bad Guys are not afraid of you unless you are actually ready to fight.

And they aren't going to give you that chance.

Combat Strategy demands that you have the offensive, the edge, the element of surprise.

Tactics learned on the conventional firing range are worthless in a real fight. The Bad Guys aren't going to give you time to get ready, and sight in on them. They want to win, at your expense.

Concealed Carry is the way to go on the streets. You get the element of surprise.

You do realize...that if you are pulling your gun because of a bad guy...then it's not offensive, it's defensive. You want that "element of surprise"...but because you are reacting to a bad guy, you may not even have a chance to "surprise" him...as you say "they want to win at your expense". If you OC, there's a much better chance that the bad guy is going to find an easier target.


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I have OC'd now for more than 3 years. During that time, I've never once been in a position where I felt I needed to pull my weapon. Now, maybe it's because I just don't run into that situation anymore, then again, maybe it isn't. Before I OC'd, I CC'd, and in the year prior to when I started OCing, I cleared my holster 4 times. Fortunately, it never went any further than that, but that's 4 times more than I've had to do since I started OCing.

Coincidence? I dunno. But I have noticed, from time to time, some dubious types who were starting to come my way, then suddenly changed direction. So, either I've gotten hideously uglier in the last 3 years, or they decided they wanted nothing to do with guy carrying a gun. And my sister tells me I'm no uglier now, than I was 30 years ago. :wink:

And of course, as mentioned in other posts, there's the following story.
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Uniformed Cops open carry because everyone knows they have a gun.......why conceal it? Personally, I choose CC over OC. Although OC may give you a slightly quicker draw, you are announcing to the public that you think you can shoot.


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Ace_Developer:223430 said:
Uniformed Cops open carry because everyone knows they have a gun.......why conceal it? Personally, I choose CC over OC. Although OC may give you a slightly quicker draw, you are announcing to the public that you think you can shoot.

I think its announcing to the public that guns aren't evil and good people still carry them to save life. OC does give you a quicker draw, cc may give you as quick if you practice. Everyone should be practicing, and know how fast they, as an individual, can get their weapon on target.


Most of us are lucky in that not only can we discuss this topic we CAN carry a gun. The reason I say this is look at the defenceless honest citizens in Illinois. They CANT CC or OC! While I do not mind civil debate about the pro's and con's of OC vs CC and have taken part, perhaps we could better spend our time and energy in helping the citizens of Illinois get their gun rights back.


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Hasn't this dead horse been beaten enough on a bunch of other threads? Just carry the way you want and leave the rest alone.


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"Cops" is the operative word here.

You are going to be fighting alone, not with a partner, backup forces, a dispatcher listening in, and an arsenal in the patrol car!

There is no comparision.

Yeah - there's also no comparison between drawing a full-sized pistol from an open holster and drawing a mouse gun hidden in your pocket.



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Do you realize the can of worms you've just opened up?

I too prefer concealed, but just because it's the carry method of choice for you and I that doesn't make it ideal for everyone.

Not to mention, the whole "losing the element of surprise" BS!

BTW, even if I could OC in my state, I would most often CC. But, it would be my preference, not because of some made up BS that has NO basis in actual facts.

This thread was started for the sole purpose of trolling! I guess it just goes to show you that it pays to seek out a "good" instructor; because there are some morons out there.



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My favorite carry pistol is considered a mousegun
Taurus pt145 45ACP compact

Perhaps you think that 10+1 45 ACPS won't hurt?
i just subitted my applacation to get a ccw permit today and i will continue to open carry my 1911 but i will conceal a 1911 i am getting tat has a 4'' barrel as a backup gun.

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