Where do you keep your firearms when sleeping


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I'm not crazy enough to put one of my Glocks under my pillow. :biggrin:


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No Matter where you keep it train your little girl do not touch that gun for any reason.
Now saying that I saw a story about a 10 year old boy who shot a man breaking into his home with his little sister in the house too. she was i think 8 the bad guy had a long rap sheet with sex crimes on it too. it's somewhere on one of these post. so maybe shooting training would be best. just I don't want anything to happen to your family so take care.


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I keep my Glock 30 in an electronic handgun safe with a full magazine, chamber empty, and three spare magazines with it, along with my FNP 40 USG, loaded along with spare magazines. My Mossberg 590A1 stays at the foot of my bed with a full magazine tube, chamber empty and for extra shotshells in the stock. My AR is unloaded and locked up, but easily accessed.


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In my nightstand...if the phone rings I do not want to answer the gun.
The nightstand requires a logical step to retrieve but can be instantly accessed from the bed even while laying down.

It seems ridiculous to me that someone would sleep with a gun under their pillow.

Jokes aside, gun under the pillow, no thanks. That seems a wee bit too dangerous to me.

that's crazy..under the pillow! keep it on the nightstand next to the bed!

Im with CHE, seems dangerous to me.

Absolutely... gun under pillow?!?! Give me a break! Idiotic!!

I sleep with pillow underneath my gun! :)

Ok, for the reals... H&K USP40 in drawer on my side of the bed. Ruger P89 in drawer on wife's side of bed. No longer have babies in and about the casa. Guess if/when we ever do again, we'll rethink placement. But, for now this works for us!


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I suppose he would probably face some harsh criticism for it today, but my dad kept his gun where I could easily access it, along with the ammunition. For some reason, he kept it unloaded, but he did teach us kids how to load and use it. Granted, we were blessed enough that he was able to literally take us out back and teach us to use it. Not once did any of the four of us grab the gun when he wasn't around, for any reason. It was a .357 magnum and I first fired it when I was about 7 (that means my siblings were 11, 10, and 6) when he first got it. Oddly, even though he grew up on a farm, he didn't wind up with a handgun until then.

Long story short - he taught us to load it and fire it, and showed us where he kept it. We all had the proper respect for him and firearms in general so it was never a problem.

Now that I have a three-year-old, I find myself trying to figure out how to introduce him to the wonderful world of firearms. I just hope that I can do as well as my father did. For now, until he is older, I keep my firearms locked and out of his reach and I do well to teach him that they are off-limits.


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Glock 21 on headboard, G-23, Taurus 9mm, 380, and NAA 22 mag in nightstand, 12 Gauge pump between nightstand and wall, on her side G-26 on headboard, Taurus 380, and another NAA 22 mag in nightstand, and 20 gauge pump behind closet door, thats all just in case somebody gets by the dog


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I was raised around guns and taught by our father not to mess with them and that ever gun is loaded with one in chamber!

Taught my daughters the same. Had them shooting 38's when they were 10.....Always keep one in holster attached to headboard.

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Under the pillow: Terrible idea.

On the nightstand?

Sounds good except that we live on a dead end road. It is one mile from the house to the state road.

About 30 years or so ago, our neighbor who had retired from the NC DOT and whose job was driving bulldozers and front end loaders on state highway projects, which had ruined his hearing, was murdered.

He had the habit of sleeping with his revolver on his night stand. A real low life who lived in a shack nearby and who was hooked on dope, crawled in his window one night, saw the revolver on the night stand and killed the old man in his sleep. No dog, hard of hearing, never knew what happened.

There are cat burglars that can ease in your house and get to you without your hearing them.

After that incident, and so close and knowing that we were actually a better target than he was....more remote location, more money, etc., it was a miracle that he did not select us for robbery instead of the old man. I have never got over the idea that it should have been us.

I would never put my weapon on my night stand.

Inside the bed frame, under the bed, on the side of the night stand between it and the bed....but not on the night stand.

Of course the presence of a good guard dog makes a big difference. But I have seen even good guard dogs fail to bark for some odd reason.

Something to think about.


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within arms reach

I have a ruger P95 that when in the house if its not directly on my hip I take the round out of the chamber. We have a 5 and 7 year old they both know I have a firearm they both familiar with what bullets a clip and the gun are and they know that if they ever see any of those things that they are not to touch it and to get the first adult they can find. they also are not allowed in our bedroom where it would be high up or in the safe if it is not on me. Now that being said when i am sleep it is upstairs with me tucked between the bed and the wall by my head.


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This is a bit off topic, but it's a related suggestion. If you have not done so already, I suggest you have your daughter take a gun safety course (with you would be best) and then accompany you to the range. Help her learn how to shoot and to understand how guns operate, what happens when you pull the trigger, etc. I think that in most circumstances it is best to take the mystery out of firearms for kids, so that they have a very concrete understanding of the need to interact safely with them.
I could not agree with you more,Well said!!!

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