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  • I think it was around 180(laser).I was supposed to get a 50.dollar rebate but it's been 6 weeks and I haven't got it yet.It also has the Glockworx competition spring kit,a V3 race connector and a .25 cent trigger job.I also slightly grinded the bump on the trigger bar down(about half way) then heavily polished it.It's a great little gun.Glad you are liking yours.
    you still interested in the Glock? call me at 615-812-0999 and leave a message if I don't answer saying it's about the glock..
    Thanks for liking and commenting on my comment :) I am from Minnesota and teach here, but I plan on becoming an instructor for Utah and as many other states as I can over the next summer or two.

    I made that comment because all too many people are quick to jump on new guys for asking an honest question like they are some top dog out there, when in reality when they first started carrying or learned of the subject themselves, they were likely a lot worse off than the guy asking the question.
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