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  • Glad you and family are OK...We are getting to the season where we will see many more of these storms!..Be safe!
    Just now read your message. Sorry for the 'very' late response.
    Yes, we where very lucky, the storm did indeed miss us.
    Thanks again for the kind thoughts! :)
    I am in Tennessee right now. I hate this IPad!! Thank you for the good wishes. We are actually lucky to be where we live in Chesterfield. Touch wood but in 25 years of living there we only have little stuffs happening unlike other places.
    All going good...We have not really had a winter in SC this year so far. I'm fine with that. The older I get the less I like snow!.. I took the grandchildren to the ranger a week ago... They are shooting a gamo pellet rifle I picked up...They are coming right along...This summer I will work with the oldest and get her a single action 22...What has been happening with you and family!
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