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  • Just curious, Saw a local news post about the city of Pacific. A commenter is using your exact avatar photo, whiskey00buck. Is that you?
    In my area, we receive two Christian radio channels. Today the topic was the Supreme Court as related to the Second Amendment. The preacher/pastor/broadcaster was discussing the possibility of the next POTUS picking liberal judges. He contused stating the Second Amendment was only saved by one vote on the last case of our rights to defend ourselves against tyrannies. He stated that Thomas Jefferson’s writings all pointed to the issue of a tyrannical government power. Further, that our right was not to hunt deer or dove but to keep ourselves free. Good stuff.
    I like your kick back photos next to your site, I shall hide this from my wife, she may think you are my long lost brother.
    hi outlaw just figured out how to accept the friend request being you are my first one on this site
    thanks for extending your friendship my way:girl_wink: as you can see i'm kinda new here
    Hey Outlaw, I wondered if you, the Dude and John Goodman can enlighten me on the prestigious career of armed security and what is entailed in becoming Act 235 (What they call it here to become armed security), costs, rules, how you like doing it etc. I am thinking about doing it part time while I go to school for something else. Thanks Dude and btw I hope you were not affected by them Texas twisters. Be safe. Longslide10
    The Dude abides, indeed. Never seen the movie, but because of your theme here, I definitely want to.
    Hope the storm did not damage your property.
    Everything went to the north of us.
    Hi, im relativly new to the forum, and i must say that i do enjoy your threads! You are clearly knowledgable with firearms, and i wanted to introduce myself. I hope engage alot in your forums.
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