What grain to go with??


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IF you go with 9mm should you go with the max Grain for your ammo? like for 9mm should i go with 147g over 124 or 115?

I personally like to shoot 115 & 125 grain loads for practice.

For defensive purposes, I like Federal Hydra-shok JHP's, which are 124 grain, for regular sized guns. I also like Corbon DPX 9mm +P JHP's, which are 115 grain. These are good for shorter barrels where most defensive loads can't get enough velocity for decent expansion.
IF you go with 9mm should you go with the max Grain for your ammo? like for 9mm should i go with 147g over 124 or 115?

You realize this is asking something like "What's the best candy bar"? Your going to get many opinions. My answer would be, it depends on your idea and feelings about your own personal needs for self defense. The best answer I could give is, any Name Brand" Premium hollowpoint is OK. I personally carry MagSafe in my short barreled 45 and 9 and Winchester SXT in my KelTec P3AT, 380, as these fit my feelings of self defense needs best. Study the advertising propaganda of the different self defense loadings and make your own decision. Whatever you decide, it will be RIGHT for you.:triniti::smile:
Bullet weight is one reason that i preffer a 38 special to a 9mm. Newer loads seem to penetrate better, but there are no hard and fast rules. brassfetcher .com, and firearms tactical are two sights on the web that give you some insight as to the penetration of a given round, if they happen to have tested them. There is nothing wrong with shooting a bullet into water filled milk jugs, and comparing it's performance to a known load, although all you get is a comparative measure. Read the FBI protocol, and other papers on the matter, and just plain use common sense. A bullet can't do it's job if it breaks up or expands too violently. By the same token, one that penetrate too much(ball?) is not tuned to live up to it's potential.

In different parts of the world, where there are many fewer choices in ammo, people use military issued FMJ rounds in .45, 9mm, and .40 S& W and don't have all these dicourses, discussions, and arguements. They just shoot until the BG quits moving, and call it good. Who's next? Wher do they want it, head or heart?
My SD ammo is 124gr Speer Gold Dots. I have a bunch of 115gr that I use for target practice. I have limited quantites of 124gr FMJ that I also use for practice. I'll usually start off my shooting with the 115gr, then finish off with the 124gr.

As stated earlier, this question is like asking "What's your favorite candy bar?". As long as your SD ammo is some type of "expanding" ammo (most commonly "hollow points"), then it should do the job. I highly advise against using FMJ ammo unless absolutely necessary.

What to use...

I'm with DarrellM5, I practice with 115 or 124 and use the Federal Hydra-Shok JHP's for SD. I was lead to the Hydra-Shok by our CCW Instructor.

It depends on what you'll be using it for. I use 115 for practice and 147 for PD - just for cost-benefit purposes. You might want to occasionally practice with what you carry with, though, to make sure your accuracy and handling are the same.
I ask because in this topic http://www.usacarry.com/forums/handguns/3246-looking-cc-pistol.html We talk about a must read for people who are just starting to CCC. In there is says to go with 147 and to always go with the max load for your ammo. Link Removed

Don't over-complicate this, it doesnt have to be difficult! Assuming adequate caliber (.38 special +P and up), all you need is a jacketed hollow point in the heaviest popular weight available for your caliber.

* .38 Special +P - 158 grain JHP
* 9mm 147 grain JHP
* 357 Sig - 125 grain JHP
* .357 Magnum - 158 grain JHP
* .40 - 180 grain JHP
* .45 acp - 230 grain JH
Buy a few boxes of assorted quality defensive ammo and go with the one your gun likes best.
For me in 9mm, my guns just absolutely love the Winchester 115gr Silvertip. YMMV.
This is something you'll have to determine for yourself, based primarily on what works best in your gun and what you shoot best.

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