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I just picked up a pound of Varget to load up some .223 rem. I opened the bottle and noticed that it is not a spherical powder. I have a Lee Classic Turret press with the disk style powder pour. Do any of you guys have any experience with how consistent Varget meters out of this setup? The spherical powders have always metered dead on so just curious.

Thanks guys.

Is it extruded powder? Even if it's extruded it should meter fine. The best thing to do is weigh several throws and see how consistent it is.
I weigh every charge anyway

I leave nothing to chance when I load for long range shooting. I throw a short charge and trickle up to the desired weight.
I just bought a pound last night. I tumbled some .223 brass last night so I should be able to prep some cases and load them up tonight. I normally start off with several pours till I get 5 that are all consistent. Then every 5 rounds I check the weight. If its off I'd pull the last 5 and redo them. So far using accurate and tac powders I have never had to do this. Both have metered very consistent. So I was just wondering if anyone had any problem using varget.

We'll find out tonight! Thanks guys.

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