Used the 25M range today!!!!!


God Bless Our Troops!!!
Today we fired the initial volley into the 25M range. It was fitting that the gun we used was a Stevens model 15a single shot .22 rifle. The same one my granddad gave me when I was a boy. It has a simple 4x Bushnell scope on it with Tasco rings. The old girl did really well and my three boys fully understood the legacy they were holding in their hands. They now have access to a safe place to shoot that won't break the bank. The berm is none-the-worse for the wear and we only have a little more to do to make it perfect. I don't have any pictures to post(yet) but three boys grinning from ear to ear should say it all. As an interesting aside my youngest practically wore out his pencil doing homework so he could help clean the .22

I need to take advantage of this now before he realizes that this is actually work.:sly:

Congratulations on getting it up and going! I know you and your Boys are going to enjoy it. Nothing like your own range. I have a bullet trap I built in my shop. I can shoot any handgun round in it up to 50' away. I also have a small unfinished (but usable) 50yd range down by my pond. I'm currently having some timber cut on some adjoining land I bought and I'm planning on building a narrow 200 to 300 yd range for rifle plinking. I'm thinking of a 5 position range.

Congratulations I know you have worked hard on it. Be safe and have fun with it and the boys. :cuaoo[1]:
Glad to here you got your range up and able to use it. I know you and your sons had a great time. Happy shooting.
Congrats! Its gotta feel good having it done! I can not wait to see pics! And if you need anyone to help break it in let me know. :biggrin:
Congratulations. You have something good for you to use, and something your children will remember for the rest of their lives. Well done!

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