Tell a LEO you have a ccw


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Don't fergit the Sheeeeeep Dawgzzzz

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NavyLT reminded us all about them on another thread. :sarcastic:

Gordon Shumway

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page 5

Must Inform Officer
AR Administrative Rules
CHAPTER 3. License Possession Requirements
Rule 3.2 Contact With Law Enforcement
(b) In any official contact with law enforcement, if the licensee IS in possession of a handgun, when the officer asks the licensee for identification (driver’s license, or personal information, such as name and date of birth), the licensee shall notify the officer that he or she holds a concealed handgun carry license and that he or she has a handgun in his or her possession.


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There is no law that compels you to answer a police officer's questions, and they can't arrest you for not answering. Just because they're wearing a badge doesn't give them the power to question you about any particular thing they feel like. "Sir, what did you have for breakfast this morning? What, you don't want to answer? You don't have anything to hide, do you?"

This type of tolerance for police harassment is sometimes prevalent on internet gun forums, where people tend to worship Authority and police power. I find it pretty distasteful.


Sure its distasteful. But keeping it friendly and going your way quickly sure beats dealing with a ticked off police officer. You can declare "I know my rights" the entire time the police officer exercises his right to detain you.


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Sure its distasteful. But keeping it friendly and going your way quickly sure beats dealing with a ticked off police officer. You can declare "I know my rights" the entire time the police officer exercises his right to detain you.

First, the police have NO right to detain you any more than I have the right to detain you. They have authority. And their authority is limited based upon a reasonable AND articulable suspicion that a crime has been or about to be committed. Is it really worth it to save 1/2 hour of your time to roll over and waive the RIGHTS that you have, in order to allow police to ABUSE their LIMITED authority to detain you and to investigate you when there is no reasonable and articulable suspicion that any crime is being committed? The personal answer for myself is no. If we don't INSIST that the limits of police authority be enforced, than we must rely upon criminals seeking acquittal of crimes they have probably actually committed to fight for limitations of police authority in court.


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Gordon Shumway, great post! I had one thing to add, based on LEO advice given some years ago. The community I lived in had a man impersonating Highway Patrol and pulling single women over in uninhabited areas and raping them. The LEO's at the time published in the local newspaper that it was okay to drive a few miles to a house's driveway or a parking lot for safety sake. They said to turn on your emergency flashers to let the officer know you saw him and drive the speed limit to the next safe exit. If you are really concerned, you can call dispatch (I keep the local number handy) or 911 and inform them what is going on, what you are doing, why, and have them inform the officer. That way, he isn't ticked off that your "evading" him.

Gordon Shumway

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5-73-315. Possession of license — Identification of licensee.

(a) Any licensee possessing a valid license issued pursuant to this subchapter may carry a concealed handgun.
(b) The licensee shall:
(1) Carry the license, together with valid identification, at any time when the licensee is carrying a concealed handgun; and
(2) Display both the license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer.

the key words here are "Display BOTH" & "upon demand"..Grumpy is right. :bigsmile:

I hand both DL and CCW at the same time, while saying "I have my weapon with me."

You probably haven't had an State Trooper go freaken bezerk and get red as a tomato because you handed him your permit and license together.
I wrote a letter to the State Commander.

By the way, the few times I have been stopped, the LEO knew I had a CCW BEFORE he got to my window. So YES, I think they have the car linked to the owner's name and DL.
NO I don't have that damn bumper sticker.


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Jeeeeeezzzzz What a load of BS for the most part (not everyone), sensitive feelings, fears, bragging, guessing, my friends is LEO, hear-say, gossip, etc. It's no wonder the media and anti's take turns kicking us around LOL

Why waste time posting about any other state when the topic is Arkansas?
Why waste time telling us how submissive you are?
Why waste time guessing what a LEO would do?

"Just the facts, M'am"

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