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Does anyone have a Skyy firearm? I was looking at the CPX-1 TT they have and really like it what I see - although I have not actually held / shot one. It is incredibly inexpensive (~$300) and looks a lot nicer than the Kel-Tec (in my opinion anyway).

I'm interested in ya'll feedback on it. Thanks!

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Pictures from their website:
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I have read bad things about them. I don't put a whole lot of weight in these type things however. Here is a link that would probably provide you with all the info you could want.

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Yes unfortunately...

Some people from Kel-Tec left the company to form Skyy. Note the same design as the Kel-Tec pistols.

A VP of Skyy went on a Kel-Tec forum claiming to be an average firearm owner with all sorts of praises for Skyy over Kel-Tec. He was made by the forum.

Given these two instances and a possible lawsuit against Skyy by Kel-Tec, I wouldn't touch Skyy with a 10 foot trigger pull gauge or cleaning rod.

Any company that stoops to that level to get customers and also steals another company's designs is not worthy of my business. If I was an FFL, I wouldn't order or stock Skyy products.
To me, marketing styles don't matter. I want a quality product, and the best bang for the buck. I've crused the Skyy forums, and don't see any negative feedback so far. I guess I need to find someone that has one, and go shoot it.
Some are changing the grip out with a Kel-Tec grip. It feels better and eliminates the useless safety. I've passed up several because of some bad feedback. For about the same price you can get a Kel-Tec.
I have carried a SKYY CP-1 for about a year. I shoot at my local range about twice a week. I have never had a hitch with it. I bought the skyy because it comes with two magazines and it has a stainless slide and barrel. I also like the captive recoil spring and the safety.My problem with Kel Tec is the fluff and buff that has to be done to make most of them run smooth right out of the box. As I said I have about 6,000 rounds thru mine and it is still running as good as it ever has. My best advice is buy one, shoot it and decide for yourself. My only drawback with Skyy is the fact that they don't advertise. I think if they would they would take a large bite out of the Kel-Tec market.
It's a little smaller in terms of area than the PF9, but also thicker and heavier. Are there any specific advantages of this over the Kel-Tec?
My brother bought one at a local gun show about a month ago. I have fired it at the range and the gun has a long rather heavy trigger. It looks and feels better than a KelTec IMO, but I didn't really like the way it shot. The recoil was fairly snappy and the slide doesn't lock open when the last round is fired (ala Ruger LCP). I own a Bersa 380 that I am very happy with. It has a very nice trigger for an inexpensive pistol and if you can get past the .380 vs 9mm round, it is a much better gun for the money.
What are you thinking?

Why in the world would you skimp on a piece of life-saving gear ?

Get a known GOOD gun!

It's your life, after all....


Why in the world would you skimp on a piece of life-saving gear ?

Get a known GOOD gun!

It's your life, after all....


+1. I will have to agree here. I do not know much about this gun but what ever gun you decide on don't let the price be the over riding concern. I relize we are not all in the same boat at the same time as far as what we can afford but be sure and get the very best you can afford. Many people will pay high dollar for expencive t.V. computers or what not but flench at paying a little extra for something that their life and the lives of loved ones my depend on. Just my 2 cents worth.
Skyy CPX-1

I should be going to shoot my Skyy CPX-1 tonight if all goes well, this will be the first time. I'll post what I think of it afterwards. My friend gave it to me as he didn't like it, so I have nothing invested in it.

If it shoots great, flawlessly great -- then it might become my wifes carry gun. If not, then I will probably sell it and get her something else.

Skyy CPX-1 Range Report

As I mentioned earlier, we went to the range this evening to shoot my FREE cpx-1....

Not a bad gun actually, it went bang for all 150 rounds we fed it. HOWEVER, the safety is the MOST ANNOYING thing I have witnessed in recent years on any gun. After nearly every shot, I had to push the safety back down before I could fire another. What a terrible, terrible design flaw. I guess i could take the lever off and grind it down on the edge, but I shouldn't have to do that.

Felt recoil wasn't bad, very managable (even not bad for my wife).

The recoil spring is a little extreme... the hardest of any handgun that I have... kinda annoying. I can operate it fine, but forget about it for the wife. So much tension, she has a hard time pressing down the slide release. She can do it, but has to struggle with it.

Trigger pull was what I expected... long and hard. The DAO pull was one of the stoutest I have ever used. With a pull llike that, who needs a darn safety? I might take the lever off the safety by my thumb to alleviate the pressing of it.

Overall, not bad. We'll see if the wife wants to keep it or move onto something else.


I am the proud owner of a SCCY CPX-1. Had it for about 2 weeks. So far I have fired 180 rounds through it. The gun has performed flawlessly. Went bang every time I pulled the trigger. Ate everything I fed it, Winchester 147gr JHP, 115gr FMJ range ammo, Some Wally World ammo, and even some reloads. Recoil is snappy but you get used to it. I did not experience the problem of the safety engaging although I have read about it in several posts on different sites. Mine is the latest model, Ser#25XXX so maybe the problems reported with the earlier ones have been corrected. I found the trigger to be very smooth for a DOA. Yes it is heavy but very smooth. The slide does stay open on the last round fired and has an adjustable rear sight. Break down is easy. Almost the same as my P3AT. Accuracy is what you would expect from a short barrel and is better than the P3AT. I would not hesitate for a second on carrying this gun in place of my P3AT. Will it replace my Glock 27? NO. But as a summer time carry weapon… maybe. I do feel that after shooting this weapon I would choose it over my P3AT. 9+1 147gr JHP ver 6+1 90gr JHP. Yes it is a bigger than the P3AT but smaller than my Glock 27. Mine came with 2-9 round magazines with fingertip extensions and a child safety lock. Based on my experience with this weapon so far I give it 2 thumbs up. Will try to post some paper scans next time I go to the range.
Great Little Gun

I have had my CPX-1 for over a year and NEVER had an issue with it. As a matter of fact, I carry it all the time. It feels good, and I know I can depend on it. I guess I've fed it over 200 rounds and never had a problem. (I work all the time and don't gret to shoot that often)
I think if you're like me, on a tight budget, and cannot afford the expense of a Glock or Kahr or S&W, which I own a Sigma (too big to hide) also, the CPX-1 is a great gun and dependable gun to carry

Bought one for my wife, and she couldn't shoot it, and I thought it was her.... turns out it
is poorly shaped at the back of the slide where the backstrap meets... very poorly shaped..
It hurt me to shoot it, and the misfires were annoying...
I am a retired Police officer, and shoot every week.. I took the weapon, and tried it..
And I repeat, I didn't like it, the trigger pull (DA) was too long a throw, and hard pull..
the poorly engineered, back piece, actually hurt after a few rounds, Do what you think
best, but I got rid of ours almost immediately...
I went right back to the shop where I bought it, and got my money back...:fie:
sccy firearms

I have owned a few sccy 9mm pistols. I prefer them over Kel-Tec for the follwing reasons.

1. they come with a second magazine.
2. the slide and barrel are stainless steel.
3. they have a safety.
4. they have a captive recoil spring.
5. they come with two flat magazine bases. ( if you prefer to change them.)
6. the price cannot be beaten.
The guarantee is simple. (anyone, anytime.)

I wish the company would do some advertising. Word of mouth is good but a page or write-up in a national magazine would do wonders.
I've looked at them locally. $339 which is crazy, I've seen two Keltec P11s recently for $279 in our local shops. I know you can buy them online for $249, but then shipping and FFL transfer fees. If I could get them for $229-249 locally I maybe would try one. I've heard of problems with safety. I think the other bad thing (P11) also, is its double stack you are almost up to Subcompact Glock size and Taurus Mill Pro. The Taurus you can get in major caliber and they are very affortable also. Looks bad that they stole the design from Keltec, and while they were at it stole a company name, which they have now had to change.

I think its IRONIC that Keltec has had their two worst handguns copied; P11 by Skyy/Sccy, p3at by Ruger LCP. Yet no one has knocked off the PF9 or P32. I carry the PF9, its wonderfull. So thin its so much easier to carry than the P11 or pretty much anything else in a real caliber. P32 b/c its so small, and 32 ammo you can actually find on the shelf, plus close to 380 in performance.

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