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  • Hello Netentity,

    I noticed you made a post a year or so ago that says that DE residents must have a DE ccw permit. I was wondering if you have a link to that info. I've been reading the laws and can't find anything anywhere that prevents a DE resident from using a FL non resident license. A good friend of mine works for the AG's office and he read over the law and can't find a specific reference to that, either. So I called the AG's office, the prothonotary's office, and the State police, and they all give me a different answer. Just thought that maybe you found something I didn't.

    Thanks for your time,

    We all have jobs, saving lives is important to us. Thanks for bring that list to my attention, will see about it. Do you think the ATF knows what it is talking about? They approved us, and i bet anyone including the CA AG will too, you'll see. I'm not going anywhere, your soon to be friend Claire
    if you like the UFC.....u can watch it now and not have to pay for PPV....want the address?
    Hey! Thanks for the add, and for helping me reason through things. Here's to computer geeks!
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