Robbery attempt ends in broken leg, arrest


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A man in a ski mask walked into a Dandridge pharmacy and robbed it of drugs at gunpoint. As he left, he tripped, broke his leg, and tried to crawl back to his car. He didn't make it.

Dandridge Police and Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies have charged 30-year-old Justin E. Scott with aggravated armed robbery.

Authorities say Scott held a gun to the head of a JeffCo Drug Center pharmacy employee and demanded all the pharmacy's oxycontin. A silent alarm was set off.

Police said as Scott ran from the store, he tripped on a rug and broke his leg, then tried to crawl back to his car.

Scott's car was across the street and up a hill, parked at the post office.

The pain was too much. Police and deputies arrested Scott lying in the grass about a hundred yards from the pharmacy.

They said he still had the drugs, gun, and ski mask with him.

I have always thought that there should be a ban on rugs. Especially assault rugs. Nobody needs those.:no:
I bet his buddies told him to "break a leg" when he went to rob the Pharmacy. He just did what they told him to do...:jester::biggrin:
If I really want to own a rug, can I get special training, go through a background check, and then get a permit for one?
You will have to qualify for and then specify on the application whether you want a killer rug, a tripping rug, a flat rug, a revolving rug, the specific caliber, or something different. If you wait until after the inauguration, you'll have to give up your first borne and your next year's pay. :wink:
Well on my way to work this morning I believe I will pick up a large rug. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good defense rug?
A good rug would have poison ivy or poison oak imbedded in it.
I would rather be shot in the face as to get poison sumac. I had it one time so bad I had to get 3 steroid shots and 2 steroid over a 6 week period. IT DROVE ME NUTS.
Would it be best to open carry or concealed carry? How often must you clean it? I think I will use the "rug doctor" for cleaning.

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