My Latest California "TRIP"


A few days ago we decided we'd had enough of cabin fever and planned a trip down south. Hubby wanted to pick up a grill for the truck he's refurbishing. I wanted to go the "Road To California" Quilt Show. Friday was fine, we arrived none the worse for wear in the motor home, and we enjoyed a lovely, once-a-year, lobster dinner at Claim Jumpers. Then, Saturday morning, I had an occasion to seriously rethink ever visiting that state again. On my way into a fast food joint for BK, I tripped up while trying to step up onto a curb and sidewalk. As I lay on the sidewalk, grimacing with agony, totally defenseless, I heard a car drive by a few feet away from me in the parking lot. I couldn't turn over to see who or what drove by. With hubby many rows of parking lot away from me with and lots of trees and bushes blocking the view, I reached for my 9 only to realize that, of course, it wasn't on my hip where it has been for weeks. Thankfully, the driver was a very nice woman who got hubby for me and I was safe and back up on my foot. Not feet, just foot, because the one I tripped on is of no use for the next 6 weeks. I sure became almost panicked while I was on the ground because of the stupid, scary California no-gun-carry policy. So, today, I'm really thinking hard on ever going to visit that state again! I'm a die hard, though, because I rented a scooter and finished "walking" the quilt show before going to get my foot x-rayed.

Happy Holiday for y'all tomorrow!

Glad the finish to this event wasn't worse. Heal quickly.
Whenever I have to travel out of country, like to Kalifornia, I feel the same way. I have to be sure to take only 10 round mags, stop at the border and lock the pistol in the trunk with the ammo elsewhere. I breathe a sigh of relief when I'm coming home and see the "Welcome to Nevada" sign. I've pretty much got my trips to Kalifornia down to twice a year. There's a CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) rally in Mariposa and my Grandparents are in Oakhurst. If it weren't for those 2 reasons, I'd never step over the border.

The feelings that went through your mind when you were reaching for your firearm were probably similar to the lady who reached in her purse for hers at the Luby's restaurant in Texas. Of course, the consequences were worse in that case, but the potential is always there.

Glad you're okay and hope the foot heals quickly.
Glad you're going to be ok and you were still able to enjoy your show. I too travel into the PRK several times a year and find it annoying to make sure whatever is with me does not run afoul of one of the restrictions there. Maybe, just maybe, with the Nordyke decision (soon and in our favor) and some more fallout from Heller, a bit of the insanity will be rolled back. You know you can't expect the politicians in CA to wise up and become honest, so it'll have to be imposed upon them.
When I first started trying to get my Kalifornia Carry Permit (soon after the Rodney King Riots), the Police Sargent that came out to interview me, asked how many times my car had ever been searched. My answer was once when I was a teenager driving a Model A with 1/4 turn free play in the steering that tended to wander all over the road. He went on to say he could never suggest I carry without a permit but...

My position at the time was that I would do everything I could to get a permit for 6 months, documenting it, and that then I would do what I felt was best for my safety (and that of my family). As it worked out at about 5 months I wore down the Police Chief and got approval for my permit (which took another 2 months).

The point of all this, is how often has your car been searched, and how strongly do you feel about needing protection?

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